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Dec 13, 2010

Travel gadgets go green

Video below is from It shows some of the newest gadgets that make your travels a bit more green. I especially liked the filtered waterbottles and the water clock. These two are great to have with you on any trip as they both utilize a resources that is readily available in a lot places around the world, tap water. Fill up the water bottle with the twater straight from tap, and as you drink the filter at the top of the water removes impure particles. The great tip in the video is to take this type of water bottle to the airport where you can drink it, emty it out, before the check point, store it away, and then fill it back up on the other side. Awesome! Bedol Water Alarm Clock is the other travel gadget that uses tap water. There is no need to plug it in or use the batteries, it works by converting ions in the water to electricity. And it is great to transport as it is lighter without any water in it.

Which ones are your favorite and/or find most useful?

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