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Nov 20, 2017

How You Can Do Even More With Your Smartphone While Traveling

Multi-functional Phone Cases

You can do almost anything with your phone: order food, pay bills, send photos, watch videos, play games. And with various multi-tasking phone cases, our phones can do even more.

Nov 6, 2017

Tips For A Great International Family Trip

Tips For A Great International Family Trip

There’s no way to replicate or replace a good family vacation: It’s an opportunity to build bonds, share experiences, create memories, and draw closer. And it’s helpful for kids to see the world outside of their own homes, too. But the logistics of international travel can be daunting to some families—how do you do it and do it well without stressing (or at least with as little stress as possible)? There are some smart planning things to do ahead of time, and some travel tips that offer solid advice, too. For starters, see what the country requirements are for your entry—at least a passport and maybe a visa, too. If you or family members don’t have passports, build in the right amount of time so that you can get one—at least six weeks if possible.
What else is helpful when planning a family international trip? This graphic can help.

Oct 30, 2017

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts This Month - October

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts This Month - October

What You Need To Know Before Updating To iOS 11
It also could slow down, and maybe even make unusable, some of the apps that are yet to be optimized for the new release

Oct 26, 2017

Happy Halloween Travel

Halloween Travel Plus Tips and Tricks

Oct 23, 2017

Kimpton Brice Hotel Review: Modernistic Cool Quirky Hotel

Kimpton Brice Hotel: Modernistic Cool Quirky Hotel

In Savannah, Brice is one of the more interesting hotels where to stay. And it does have nice amenities. There is a guest-only outdoor pool with full-size pool towels. Complimentary coffee and tea in the morning and plain or lemon water throughout the day.