Aug 15, 2018

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets - August

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets

Changes and Improvements to Siri AI on Apple's iPhone

Siri Suggestions:

Aug 13, 2018

SIM Cards That Tie You Down Are Going Away

New SIM Cards and Phone Let You Travel Freeer

That is freer between different countries and also different cell service carriers.

When traveling, your top go-to travel gadget is the smartphone. To make it usable and functioning when you are traveling internationally all of the travel experts and expats would tell you to get a SIM (subscriber identity module) card at your destination. It is a great travel tip as the cards at location tend to be cheaper and also are a lot more likely to work with the local cell service providers.

Not for long.

Aug 2, 2018

Weekend Family Travel Fun: Hot Air Balloon Festival And Beach Trip

Family Travel - Sprinklers, Balloons, and Beach Fun (click to tweet)

We are always on a lookout for fun things to do on weekends, especially during the summer. Summer just allows for more travel opportunities and there are more events happening than during colder months (though we do love traveling in winter as well).

Jul 30, 2018

9 Smart Travel Gadgets that Play Nice with Alexa

Alexa AI Assistant In Travel Gadgets (click to tweet)

The AI assistants are breaking out of smartphones and are being integrated into more devices to make them more interactive and responsive. Some of the new devices that include the smart assistance are also great for travel. And the new features in hances their usage while traveling.

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

» Ask Alexa in your car to play music from Amazon Music, SiriusXM® and more; additional streaming services, such as Spotify®, are expected to be added as available
» Use Garmin turn-by-turn navigation by saying, “Alexa, ask Garmin … ”
» Ask Alexa to create to-do lists, play games, check your calendar, weather/traffic, and control smart home devices
» The Garmin Speak app works with your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone relying on a suitable cellular data connection; Use your phone’s Bluetooth or an AUX cable to hear audio through your car stereo
» Built-in dash cam records your drive and provides driver assistance features such as forward collision and lane departure warnings (Garmin Speak Plus) More info on