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Jul 13, 2020

iOS 14 - Whats New Cool and Great for Travel

iOS 14 Whats New Cool and Great for Travel

Newest Features and Apps for iOS for Travel

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 Update: iOS 14 is now available 

iOS 14 will have new capabilities for Siri, Messages, Home, and Maps, as well as the ability to view picture-in-picture video. Quite a few changes will be beneficial for at home and when traveling.

Nov 10, 2016

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

iOS 10 -  with the newest update for iPhone's operating system, there are quite a few new features that have been updated and added. To find out more about these changes and to take advantage of them, check out great resources below:

How to Get Siri to Announce Incoming Calls with iOS 10

How to keep your iPhone from tracking your location in iOS 10

Sep 19, 2016

What's New in iOS 10 for iPhone and Benefits for Travelers

What's New in iOS 10 for iPhone and Benefits for Travelers

There are a few significant changes that are going to be released in the 10th version of the iPhone software. The changes that would be beneficial while traveling are:

Aug 5, 2014

How To: Use Google Maps Offline When Traveling

How To: Use Google Maps Offline

Latest Update: Google is bringing neural machine translation to the offline version of Google Translate -- the advanced processing will take place on your phone even when it's not connected.

More Great Updates to Google Maps:
Google Maps Lets You Send Directions From Your Desktop To Your Phone. Send a place to your mobile device

Google Maps for iOS now lets you schedule pit stops

Google Maps Offers Online, Offline Directions, Search

Google Maps is a great app available on iOS and Android. It is free and comes loaded with quite a few nice features. Though all that is useless if you do not have an internet connection and cannot load up the maps. This is especially true when you are traveling as you are likely to be away from Wi-Fi and might not be in reach of your provider's satellite. Additionally, in some areas, the data charges might be very high to try to use maps and other sites. Fortunately, Google Maps lets you save a map to your device and use it when you're offline.
Here is how to use maps offline:

1. Before heading out, connect your phone to the Internet, and open Google Maps app

2. Sign into your Google Account

3. Search for a place where you will be traveling

4. Once the map is up, scroll down through all of the information available for the area on white slides, all the way to the bottom

5. You will see "Save map to use offline" link. Click on it

6. What you have pulled up at that point, will be saved. Adjust the map by moving it and zooming in or out, as needed, and click Save

7. Name the map so you can easily get back to it.

You can also save a map for offline viewing by typing "OK Maps" into the search bar that top of the map

If you're already on a map that you want to save...

1. Move the map to the area you want to save.
2. Touch inside the search box at the top, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Touch Save map to use offline.

To see your saved offline maps:

Open the Google Maps app.
Touch the side menu then select Your places
Scroll down to "Offline maps" and touch View all and manage.

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