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Apr 27, 2010

Portable Power

I have not yet found the one that works. Though there are more and more new portable power gadget coming up with much better technology.
The power inverter that I got for my car was Xantrex 150 Watts. While I could see it being on and working, it did not provide enough juice to power up some of the electronics in the car. One of them was a small Shark vacuum. Though maybe that vacuum just required a lot more power than the outlet provided. Even so, it might be time to look into an upgrade, since as I mentioned these have more and newer technology in them that provide higher voltage. If someone knows of a power inverter that can easily power something like the hand held vacuum, please leave a comment to let me know.
For now I came across the Cobra CPI 480 400 Watt, which plugs into your car cigarette lighter, but has a regular electrical plug on the other end. Power inverters plug into your vehicle's power port to provide AC power to mobile devices requiring up to 120-watts of continuous power. This one provides up to 400-watts of AC power, hence the name. It has received decent reviews and with 400 watts continuous power handling and 800 Watts peak power might be just enough to power the vacuum and other electronics. Plus the price is not bad at all.
If any one has this one or have seen it work let us know what you think about it

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