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May 7, 2010

Travel lighter with disposables

I think that dissolving products are pretty cool and convenient. It was great when they came out with dissolving travel toiletries. And now there are one-time used disposable underwear.
Your trip is too short to do laundry, so you can save time by just tossing the pair out.
Also in thinking green, using these might reduce energy costs by eliminating washer and dryer use. It is a useful product at affordable price.
These are great for travelers who are either looking to travel lighter or are clean freaks. Invariably, even the largest suitcase seems to shrink quickly as we pack up our clothes. A five-pack of the disposable underwear weighs about 3 ounces and is 3 1/2-by-5 inches, about the size of a postcard. Once done with the trip you would have those extra corners open and you might have more room in the suitcase for gifts, souvenirs, and such. You also might need to spend less time packing to squeeze everything in.
For women, there are LeBrief panties that come five to a package and have elastic at the waist and legs. For men, two choices: Yo!Briefs come five to a package, with elastic at the legs, a front fly and a 1/2-inch wide elastic waistband. El Boxers, three to a package, have finished leg openings and a fly front.
There are also disposable socks, both mid-calf and ankle-length, and other products that you can just use and toss. With all these things, by the end of the trip you might end up with half empty suitcase to fill with chotchkies and goods from Duty-Free shops. Ahh, the cheap liquor...

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