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Oct 29, 2010

New Cool Gadget Find of Today: Wind!

Need a charge for your phone when you're on the go? Several new gadgets aim to harness the power of the wind and transform that energy into juice for your phone, camera or MP3 player.
As mentioned in the article on "How Wind-turbine Chargers Work," wind power is one of the fastest-growing segments of the green power industry. Now there a couple of handheld devices that let you utilize that power for personal use, instead of having a wind turbine, which can run thousands of dollars for a residential setup. One is the Orange Wind Charger announced that runs purely on wind and can power up a mobile devices such as cell phone, MP3 player, and digital camera using clean energy and without a wall outlet. It is light and compact and great for travel and camping. It's made to fit in a backpack and then mount on top of a tent to capture wind. The turbine directly charges a battery located in the detachable control box, and then the battery charges your cell phone with a 0.5-watt output.
The other one is The HYmini which is a smaller, one-piece unit that generates more power than the Orange -- up to 1.7 watts. This is because the HYmini doesn't rely entirely on wind power. In fact, wind is just an ancillary power source. The primary ones are a wall outlet, which charges up the HYmini before you go on your trip.
For more information on these and how to use them check out the article "How Wind-turbine Chargers Work."

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