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Dec 15, 2010

New Cool Gadget Find of Today: Brugo Mug

Brugo 16-Ounce Travel Mug, Blue
Has this happened to you? You are about to enjoy a hot delicious beverage. It smells good and feels warm on a cold evening. Than you take a sip. And ouch. It is freaking hot. And you just took a big gulp of scorching hot liquid that is burning off all the taste buds on your tongue. ... It happened to me, about 2 weeks ago. It was at a local coffee shop and we were in from a cold night and really wanted to warm up. Oh I did. My tongue felt burned and tingly for next couple of days, but it got better :)
This leads me to the new cool gadget find of today - Brugo mug. It is designed to eliminate scalded lips. And/or tongues in some case ;) The mug has a "tip and cool" feature that transfers too-hot liquid one gulp at a time to a Temperature Control Chamber and cools it down to drinkable 150-170 F degrees. Once the beverage riches that temperature, you then switch the Brugo into "sip" mode and drink it directly.
So when you get your coffee, tea, or any other very hot beverage, that is inside a foam or such container, you can then transfer it to the mug for easier transport and resealing, and also now to avoid scorching yourself while on a trip.

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