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Mar 15, 2011

Spring Break Gadgets and Gear Under $200

Spring Break is here or just about here for a lot of the folks in school. Just in time Yahoo! Shopping has published a list of gadgets that are cool to take along on the break.
Spring Break Gadgets and Gear Under $200
There is a T&TG favorite that are also on the list:
A digital travel scale - It is almost unthinkable at this point to show up at the airport and not know the weight of the luggage. The sitting around on the floor trying to re-sort all your belongings into an additional bag, which you hopefully brought along, or even having to toss some stuff out because the bag is a few pounds over. The other choice is to put up a huge fee that airlines levy these days on overweight bags. Though it does not have to be this way. That is why there are more and more cool travel scales out there and why I have wrote about them in several postings (see below) and also purchased one for myself at long last.

Travel tech blogger without a gadget, til now

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