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Apr 14, 2011

New Cool Gadget Find of Today: Wallet Made of Stainless Steel

Woven using 25,000 flexible stainless-steel threads that are three times thinner than a piece of paper, this wallet is resistant to stretching or staining and corrosives such as salts, acids, and seawater. It does not have sharp corners or the inherent bulk of other wallets so it easily fits in front or back pocket.
Also, since it is made out of steel, it passively resists radio-frequency hacking. Which is the latest identity theft technique that attempts to scan newer credit cards and other cards that are RF-enabled (Radio frequency identification chip).
This virtually indestructible wallet feels like silk. Features 6 credit card, two internal and currency slots with a divided large pocket for bills.

Why good to have on a trip:
- it is durable
- resistant to stretching and staining and corrosives
- made out of steel, yet feels as smooth as silk
- resists radio-frequency hacking
- slim, fits easily in front/back pocket
- protects your hard cash

Did You Know?:
Wireless identity theft is a relatively new technique of gathering an individual's personal information from RF-enabled cards carried on a person in their access control, credit, debit, or government issued identification cards.[6] Each of these cards carry a Radio frequency identification chip which responds to certain radio frequencies. When these "tags" come into contact with radio waves, they respond with a slightly altered signal. The response can contain encoded personal identifying information, including the card holder's name, address, Social Security Number, phone number, and pertinent account or employee information. Upon capturing (or 'harvesting') this data, the thief is then able to program their own cards to respond in an identical fashion (via 'cloning').(

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