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Apr 19, 2011

Top 25 GIfts Under $50 - a list from Laptopmag of cool gadgets for travel and other gift ideas

Our favorites:

Bedol Water Clock
For the jaded gadget geek who thinks he's seen everything, this 6.5-inch clock runs on H20. It converts ions from ordinary tap water into electrical power that'll keep the hands spinning for three months or more before a refill is needed.
Why good to have on a trip:
- no batteries.
- water available in most countries, even if not clean or drinkable

Belkin Conserve Valet
Kill four volt-sucking chargers at once with this four-device USB smart-charging station. Once all your gadgets are fully juiced, the Valet shuts down so no power is drained needlessly. To eliminate spaghetti cables, the cords wrap around the unit itself.
Why good to have on a trip:
- less wires and less plugs
- keeps your gadgets powered up all at the same time

Energizer Energi To Go SP1000
All you need is light--artificial or solar--to keep this portable charger full and, therefore, any cell phone or MP3 player powered. The 1000-mAh lithium polymer battery can be solar-filled up to 500 times, and two free TipFit connectors a year from Energizer.
Why good to have on a trip:
- light is available, especially when traveling to warm sunny destination
- keeps all the gadgets charged

Naftali Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System
For all those with lookalike black luggage, this wireless tag system alerts forgetful loved ones via a blinking red LED on the keychain when their bag is within 90 feet - on the carousel someplace. It also works in reverse: Use the luggage tag to help locate lost keys.
Why good to have on a trip:
- no straining neck to look for luggage on carousel
- no picking up strangers luggage just because it looks like yours
- find luggage and/or keys

ThinkGeek Guitar Shirt
Seriously, it's a T-shirt with a playable guitar on it. Connect a shirt to a belt-clipped amp/speaker (four AAA), or jack into to a real amp. The guitar neck detaches like Velcro for washing. There are also drum and keyboard shirts coming to complete your T-shirt family band.
Why good to have on a trip:
- its fun and could be cool

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Unknown said...

Great ideas. I know the perfect gift for my Dad since he is always complaining about missing his favorite TV shows and sports while away on travel is the Sling Adapter from my job and our TV provider DISH Network. It's only $99 and the app he needs to download called DISH Remote Access is free. It's really cool! It'll relay everything he is subscribed to at home on his Smartphone anywhere he has a 3G or WiFi connection! Check it out at! :)

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