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May 11, 2011

The Racktrap - packing it in for your next trip

  Earlier this morning I, for the first time, heard about this gadget for ladies that I thought is a great idea and would be awesome to have along on a trip. And it seems quite a few people agree as it has been written up about in a lot publications and has been discussed on several shows.

The Racktrap™ ( is an undetectable one-size-fits-all personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including license, cash, credit cards, and a photo ID, conveniently in a bra.

If you put stuff for "safe keeping" in your bra, this is a great product. Not that I would know first hand, though I recently got myself one of these things that is a bit similar, to keep valuables close to me. But it seems it would a great accessory for a trip to keep your money and other documents close while on a trip. It is a great solution for females who need to carry the essentials, but either don’t have pockets or a purse to store them in. It is an undetectable pocket that fits inside a sports bra while exercising, walking around town, on a tour or on a trail.
These smart little pockets are made of smooth fabric that nestles right inside the bra. It is hypoallergenic and fits well no matter the bra cup size.
They also could be useful when it’s time to hit up the club for a night of drinking and dancing. You would not have to worry about your bag and who’s going to keep an eye on it while on the dance floor.

Using the Racktrap™ is also a lot more sanitary than just tucking in the dollar bills straight into your bra, since as the research shows, US dollars have been found to have the most bacteria on them compared to other currencies.
Why good to have on a trip: 
- Designed to fit comfortably in any size or style bra
- Designed for women on the go
- Holds your small essentials in one safe place
- No need for purse or pockets
- Perfect for running errands, jogging, touring, trailing...

Did You Know?:
A study of American coins and currency revealed the presence of bacteria, including staphylococcus, E. coli, and klebsiella, on 18 percent of the coins and 7 percent of the bills.

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