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Jul 2, 2011

The secret is out ... Comfortable in-flight Travel supplies

While flying to the business meeting that I mentioned in the previous post, I got reaffirmation just how uncomfy airplanes can be. It is especially more so these days with a lot less extras available on planes. There were no blankets on the seats, no giving out of headphones to listen to music and or videos. We did get a tiny bag of peanuts and pretzels.
Awhile back I came across Magellan's site that has a large variety of travel supplies. It has clothing, accessories, gadgets, trial-size items, guides, and much more. The latest portion of the site that I found is the Get Comfortable En Route collection. It is an awesome gathering of things that would make a flight a lot more comfortable, clean, dry, and relaxing. As part of its listings this collection, of course, also has headphones. I have mentioned noise-canceling headphones in several of my entries (10 Travel Gadgets for the warm weather travel, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?, How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?) and just how much of a benefit they are for a relaxing and more enjoyable flight.
Travel Pillow is a great idea to have along to not strain your neck or end up on someone's shoulder while relaxing or taking a nap. I have one and usually take it with me for a long flight, though I did forget it for this one.
On the flight back home, the plane did not even have a built in video player in the back of the seat. So it was up to you to entertain yourself and hopefully you have some airplane travel gadgets. I had a laptop with me that provided something to do and get good use out of the time, however it did not last long as the battery was drained. So having a portable multimedia player is also a great idea to have. And once I upgrade my phone from a media phone to a smart phone when I am up for a renewal, I will have multimedia player with me anywhere I go. Can't wait. Though for now, it was a good book and some Sudoku puzzles the rest of the flight

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