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Nov 10, 2011

iPhone, Not Great at Everything..

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IPhone is great, don't get me wrong. When coming back from our trip to Northern Jersey, we were glad to have it along. Even more so now that we have downloaded a new app only a couple of days before, Sigalert. This app shows current traffic patterns with very little delay. It was a great supplement to our Garmin GPS, which is an older model that does not have traffic updates. Sigalert also shows alternative routes or detours and keeps you informed of the speed around each entrance ramp, while taking a detour, indicating when the traffic has dissipated.
As great as some of the apps are and the newest features that have recently came out on an iPhone, there are some things that it cannot replace or duplicate...yet.
Reading on the small screen of most smartphones is not an easy task. You have to have great vision or a great pair of bifocals to be able to read the tiny font that appears on mobile versions of most sites. Even when reading basic text in an email or e-book, it is not optimal viewing.
And this is why Kindle and other similar e-readers have a place in persons hands and laps.
My wife have had her Kindle for awhile now and she has not gone to too many places without it. Recently, she upgraded her phone and got an iPhone. She loves it. It a great tool and a great travel sidekick. But as my wife stated, she would still prefer to have her Kindle along on commute or longer trips. It is simple to use, easy on the eyes, relatively light and with plenty of storage.
Do you watch a lot of videos on tour iPhone? If so, you have probably wished that the display was larger. While it has great graphics and it is easy to get videos or apps for streaming, the screen is tiny and has to be close to your face. Phone-holding elbow anyone?
Are you a gamer? iPad games blow iPhone games out of the water. Besides that, again, things are better on the big screen. That is why we shell out a lot more money to watch a movie on an iMax.
A couple of other things that I can think of that an iPhone cannot do are:
  • Type on a full keyboard - though there is a gadget for that, Flip-Out Keyboard Case.
  • Cook - there might be an app for that
What are some features you think that a smartphone does not have currently but might in the future? What about some that might be too futuristic?

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