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Mar 15, 2021

iPhone 12 and the New Updates Good for Travel

New era for phones - 5G and MagSafe

I have done it. I moved into the next decade of phones. I have finally upgraded my iPhone 8 to iPhone 12. There is a major difference between these phones. And I am not even getting into the specs for each. iPhone 8 still had the physical home button and a black edge surrounding the screen. Both of these features went away starting from iPhone 10. We did not jump on the hype and upgrade until now. Similar to how I select travel gadgets for the posts on the site and for my travels, I also select my phones. I do a lot of research, find out what the early tech adopters say about them, check out useful features, and then use the devices and recommend them.

Feb 12, 2018

Video of the Week - 5 Ways to Increase Battery Life on iPhone

Video - 5 Ways to Increase Battery Life on iPhone

5 Ways to Increase Battery Life on iPhone
The smarter the phones get, the more battery is needed. And the smarter the phones, the more they are used and the battery does not last as long. With new updates to the phone's software, the battery suffers as well. Below are some tips on getting more juice out of your phone's battery.

Apr 10, 2017

New iPhone, Many New Changes to Phone Gadgets & Accessories

new iphone many new changes to phone

New iPhone, Many New Changes to Phone Gadgets and Accessories (click to tweet)

iPhone 8 to Kill Lightning Jack and Home Button?,news-24559.html

iPhone 8 Design 'Confirmed' In Double Leak

iPhone 8 rumored to feature better waterproofing than iPhone 7, tout IP68 rating

iPhone 8: Everything we know so far about the 10th-anniversary edition of Apple's historic phone

Dec 5, 2016

iPhone's Unexpected Shutdown Issues & What To Do

iPhone's Unexpected Shutdown Issues & What To Do

iPhones have fallen recently victim to a serious battery problem. Apple has stated that this effects only iPhone 6s that was manufactured between September and October 2015. However, it has been discovered that the shutdown malfunction also exists in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, in addition to iPhone 6s devices. And I can confirm that on a personal level as my iPhone 6 keeps shutting off when it is at around 40% of battery life remaining. Unless plugged in, it will not restart. And when I do plug it in, it jumps back up to 40-45%. These issues started after an update to iOS 10.1.1.

There are a limited number of things you can do:

Nov 10, 2016

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

iOS 10 -  with the newest update for iPhone's operating system, there are quite a few new features that have been updated and added. To find out more about these changes and to take advantage of them, check out great resources below:

How to Get Siri to Announce Incoming Calls with iOS 10

How to keep your iPhone from tracking your location in iOS 10

Sep 19, 2016

What's New in iOS 10 for iPhone and Benefits for Travelers

What's New in iOS 10 for iPhone and Benefits for Travelers

There are a few significant changes that are going to be released in the 10th version of the iPhone software. The changes that would be beneficial while traveling are:

Aug 22, 2016

No Headphone Jack On The New iPhone, What To Do

Apple’s New iPhone Will Not Have A Headphone Jack, What To Do

Update 2.0: Galaxy Note 10 has no headphone jack

Update: Galaxy S8 smartphone kept the 3.5mm headphone jack on its new line.

Next iPhone (7) is expected to be at the forefront of a new generation of phones that are sine a slot for the most universal of audio connectors.


Mar 24, 2016

Smaller Apple iPhone and iPad - Great for Travel

Smaller Apple iPhone and iPad - Great for Travel

Apple just held its annual Spring event to unveil new versions of iPhone and iPad. Both of them have improved technology on the inside, but most importantly, they are both smaller than the versions before them.
The new iPhone SE has a 4 inch retina display. Going back to the iPhone 5 versions' size. However, it has the the same advanced chip used in iPhone 6s. Giving you more and faster processing power. Graphics performance is also the same as on 6S, with capability to capture 4K video.
iPhone SE is light and compact phone designed to fit comfortably in your hand, pocket, and bag. For travel, I think it makes for a good change since you get the power and camera of a larger device within a smaller unit.

New iPad Pro will have a 9.7 inch screen, which is the same size as the original iPad. And will have the power, camera, and display resolution of the larger brethren. This more powerful iPad is more suited for travel with its smaller frame.

It does not look like much of a change or innovation in the announcement. Quite the opposite, as the devices are shrinking rather than increasing in size as they have in previous years. The size and the power of both of these gadgets, however, is what makes them a better travel companions.

Sound-off: Would you upgrade and downsize your current device to get these for travel? Let us know below

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Sep 30, 2015

How to Get Your Phone and Tablet Travel Ready

How to Get Your Phone and Tablet Travel Ready

Clear Out Apps

Apps can make your phone or tablet be a lot more useful. Some of these I use on daily basis, some weekly, and other rarer. And then there were some that I barely, if at all, has used. All apps take up space and some a lot more than others. I have plenty of great apps from travel and utilities to productivity and games, but they can fill up available space that can be utilized for photos, videos, and notes.
Going through apps on your device and determining which are still good and which take up too much memory, would help to create extra storage space for your next trip.

Sep 23, 2014

What To Do With Your Now Out-dated Phone?

What To Do With Your Now Out-dated Phone?

New phones are coming what seems like every month. If it's not one company, then it is another that releases the latest and shiniest model of their smartphone. They might have new features, more memory, better connection and so on. And you would want to upgrade to this newest gadget especially with a new contract or new deal. But what can you do with your current phone?

Jul 16, 2014

Essential Travel Gadget of the Week - Portable External Power Bank

Essential Travel Gadget of the Week
External Power Pack

As the commercial above from Samsung depicts, smartphones run out of juice quickly and usually at times when you really need to call or look up something.
While the ad tries to show that if you have an iPhone you have to plug into a wall outlet, all phones need to charge. Samsung Galaxy S5 just comes with an extra replaceable battery, which also has to be charged.
All phones can use a Portable External Power Bank. Especially the folks in this video that are traveling.
These portable travel chargers are light, pack quite a bit power, and can charge multiple devices including multiple types of smartphones.

Jackery Giant+ Premium Portable 12000mAh Battery Pac can power up Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad, Air, Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note, Nexus, LG, and HTC. It has enough juice to power up a couple of devices at the same time. Charge it up before you head out, and you would not be stuck looking for an outlet or having to replace a battery. Just plug it in and keep using your smartphone.

Sound-off: What do you think? Let us know below

Buy reliable VPN for desktop and mobile for travel and at home

Best Anti-Theft USB Charging Travel Gadget Backpack

Amazon's shopping guide with curated luggage by airlines

Shop All-new Kindle Travel Gear

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Sep 11, 2013

May 1, 2013

Travel Tech Gadgets Goes Flying

Travel Tech Gadgets Goes Flying

This Sunday, it was gorgeous outside. Perfect day for a flight lesson.
For the first time ever I flew, actually piloted, the plane. I flew on planes before. It was an awesome experience. I got to take off, fly around, make a few right turns, that's right making a circle, and land. Of course, most of these were with assistance from the instructor, but you can't tell from the pictures and videos.
This experience was a gift from my wife for my birthday. She got to enjoy it with me as well. We flew the Cherokee Piper, a small plane that holds 4 people. We got to learn about the structure of the plane and what each part is used for. Also went over the gauges within the plane. There is one the shows the Attitude. What a great name. It gauges if the plane is in the correct position or is it too high, too low, or if one of the wings is banked.

 /></a><br />
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<a href=

These pictures were taken with our Canon PowerShot SX150 IS. This point-and-shoot takes great shots and has 10x digital zoom. Our favorite on the go camera.

An interesting thing happened on the way back from the airport. I was using my iPhone for direction and at first, it kept dimming a few time, while in GPS mode. Then it Completely Shut Down! While I was Still Driving! As it did so, it displayed a warning that it was too hot. It was mounted on the dashboard with my cool new travel gadget, iOttie Dashboard Car Mount Holder. And on such a nice sunny day, the sun overwhelmed my smartphone. Neither I nor my wife knew that this could happen. Live and Learn. And then bring your regular GPS with you.
It was good that we learned this on the short trip and I knew my way back at the point that the smartphone shut off. Going forward, especially on longer trips and traveling during warmer summer months, we will take our Garmin Nüvi along. It might not be as smart as the phone, but it does what it is designed to do great and in most conditions. I would probably still use the iPhone as the primary for shorter trips and initially, but will be navigating with Nuvi on several-days journeys.

Did You Know?:
Small planes, such as the Cherokee Piper, have foot pedals that are used to direct the plane left and right while on the ground

Sound-off: What is your next adventure?

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Best Anti-Theft USB Charging Travel Gadget Backpack

Amazon's shopping guide with curated luggage by airlines

Shop All-new Kindle Travel Gear

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Dec 3, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide from

Holiday Gift Guide:

Travel gadgets in this video:

Canon VIXIA HF M40

Panasonic HDC-TM900K - this video camera can take a 3D lens attachment, shoot at 60 fps, and has an external mic jack.

Canon PowerShot SX230HS - if you’re looking for a great point-and-shoot camera, you’d do well with the 12MP Canon PowerShot SX230HS for about $200.

Canon G12 - for a point-and-shoot with some advanced features and great low-light capability, you’ll want to check out the Canon G12, another favorite around our studio.

Capture Clip - a way to hang your camera very securely from your belt, so it stays safe and is always there when you need it.

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker - a very compact and portable speaker that connects to your devices with Bluetooth and delivers room-filling sound.

Spracht WS-4010 Bluetooth Speaker - other, less expensive, option for a Bluetooth speaker – it’s only $50.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - great combination of portability and features!

iPhone 4 and 4S Cases

Nov 11, 2011

There is a Travel App for That: FlightTrack

FlightTrack is great way to track flights with nice visual representation on zoomable maps. The inbuilt maps work even when the phone is offline. The app lets you stay on top of latest flight information with real-time status updates for gates, delays and cancellations for more than 4,000 international airports. It allows users to find alternative flights with a few clicks. You can also save flight schedules for upcoming trips for quick reference. Moreover, the app shows the weather forecast and its potential effect on upcoming flights. A great travel app to have with you when traveling for business or pleasure and be in the know while on the way or at the airport.

Why good to have on a trip:
• Real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations
• Covers more than 4000 airports worldwide
• Full international flight coverage with 1400 airlines
• Find alternate flights at a tap
• Sync with your phone’s calendar
• Share flight status by email, Facebook or Twitter
• Supports multitasking on iOS 4
• Label your flights, store flight confirmation #, save seat # and add notes
• Zoomable, live flight tracker maps with satellite and weather radar imagery
• Review weather radar and forecasts
• Offline mode for use in airplanes – maps still work!
• Airtime, aircraft, and speed & altitude (US)
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Did You Know?:
Flight Stats-web based flight tracking
List of airlines' direct sites

Available on iTunes: FlightTrack

 What is your favorite app for air travel? Leave a Comment

Nov 10, 2011

iPhone, Not Great at Everything..

Article first published as iPhone, Not Great at Everything... on Technorati.

IPhone is great, don't get me wrong. When coming back from our trip to Northern Jersey, we were glad to have it along. Even more so now that we have downloaded a new app only a couple of days before, Sigalert. This app shows current traffic patterns with very little delay. It was a great supplement to our Garmin GPS, which is an older model that does not have traffic updates. Sigalert also shows alternative routes or detours and keeps you informed of the speed around each entrance ramp, while taking a detour, indicating when the traffic has dissipated.
As great as some of the apps are and the newest features that have recently came out on an iPhone, there are some things that it cannot replace or duplicate...yet.
Reading on the small screen of most smartphones is not an easy task. You have to have great vision or a great pair of bifocals to be able to read the tiny font that appears on mobile versions of most sites. Even when reading basic text in an email or e-book, it is not optimal viewing.
And this is why Kindle and other similar e-readers have a place in persons hands and laps.
My wife have had her Kindle for awhile now and she has not gone to too many places without it. Recently, she upgraded her phone and got an iPhone. She loves it. It a great tool and a great travel sidekick. But as my wife stated, she would still prefer to have her Kindle along on commute or longer trips. It is simple to use, easy on the eyes, relatively light and with plenty of storage.
Do you watch a lot of videos on tour iPhone? If so, you have probably wished that the display was larger. While it has great graphics and it is easy to get videos or apps for streaming, the screen is tiny and has to be close to your face. Phone-holding elbow anyone?
Are you a gamer? iPad games blow iPhone games out of the water. Besides that, again, things are better on the big screen. That is why we shell out a lot more money to watch a movie on an iMax.
A couple of other things that I can think of that an iPhone cannot do are:
  • Type on a full keyboard - though there is a gadget for that, Flip-Out Keyboard Case.
  • Cook - there might be an app for that
What are some features you think that a smartphone does not have currently but might in the future? What about some that might be too futuristic?

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