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Nov 30, 2011

There is a Travel App for That: Netflix

We signed up for Netflix about 4 months ago and it has been a hate love type of relationship. It is great that we can order movies on DVD we have not seen yet. But it is a hassle to get some of the more popular ones and forget about getting a show you like that is also popular as it will be on back order for quite some time.
Then there is the streaming service, that we still continue with even though they had the whole debacle of splitting up the services. We have thought on several occasions since then to cancel one or the other. While it is great to be able to stream movies instantaneously, and we able to do it through our TV, the selection has been quite small. After the first couple of months we were caught up on most of the shows and movies we would want to see and did not have many choices for awhile.

Notwithstanding, this post is actually about the great benefit for travel that Netflix services can be. On our trip up north for the Turkey Weekend, we had the iPhone and iPad along. And for the first time I tried using the Netflix app away from the house and on the location's wi-fi. It was great. The streaming worked very well and I was able to watch a couple shows. The next day while I was getting my car updated and new wipers installed, my wife watched a movie on her phone while also helping to host a yard sale. She was also very excited to find out that we are able to access and stream movies and show just about anytime and anywhere as long as there is secure wi-fi connection, and also one that has a good reach and not too many other devices using it.

Why good to have on a trip: 
- easy access with app
- movies and shows available anytime
- pre-select queue of stuff to watch on a trip

Available on iTunes and Android Market

Did You Know?: 
- To use this app to stream, you would need Wi-Fi. And that is where another great travel app comes in: There is a Travel App for That: Free Wi-Fi Finder

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