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Oct 29, 2015

Travel News - Gadget Related

Travel News - Gadget Related

Movies & Shows Are Now Up In The Air:

Netflix on Virgin America
These companies announced a deal where travelers on Virgin America planes will be able to access their Netflix account right in there seat and stream shows and movies via WiFi. Virgin America is putting in new technology on all of its new planes with satellite-based Internet connectivity that is designed to get over the technical hurdles that prevent streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive services while in flight.

Amazon Prime on JetBlue
JetBlue has satellite-powered Wi-Fi, called Fly-Fi, to provide free, basic internet access on its flights. Similar to the deal above, JetBlue and Amazon have announced a partnership that will let passengers enjoy unlimited, on-demand entertainment. Passengers with Amazon Prime memberships will be able to watch movies and TV shows at 35,000 feet, at no additional cost to their membership. While customers can use JetBlue's free Wi-Fi tier, they will still have to pay whatever Amazon rental fees apply.

Here’s How Airplane Wi-Fi Works

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Jul 13, 2015

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - July

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - July

Ninebot Self-Balancing Unicycle
This unicycle can travel anywhere from 6 to 21 miles depending on the charge while going at a speed of 8-13 miles an hour. It is not something you would take on a highway, but you would be able to zoom through street traffic for your daily commute. It is already available for purchase on Amazon for $748 and free shipping. Comes with 120W standard charger and 220Wh high-capacity battery. There is also a corresponding app that will let you control the lighting effects on the sides, update the firmware, and keep track of your Ninebot.

The Gravity Light lamp doesn’t need fuel, batteries or the sun to power it
The lamp provides instant light, any time, with no sun or batteries needed. All it needs is some weights. GravityLight generates power from the lift of a weight. Here is how it works:

Baidu will test a self-driving BMW later this year
"the vehicle should be smart enough to operate itself, but enable you to take command as and when necessary. We would make a joke about that being what a lot of people thought the "Cruise Control" button was for"
cruise control
 image via

Safety Truck Shows Drivers What’s Ahead

image via
Samsung added a built-in camera to the front of a its fleet of trucks. The camera captures real-time footage of the road and then wirelessly feeds it to four Samsung screens on the truck’s rear doors. This live film will play continuously as the truck moves letting drivers behind the truck be aware of on coming traffic and what is in front of the truck to make a safe pass. It even features a night vision view, for cars driving during nights. This technological solution was created by Leo Burnett and Samsung in partnership with tech company Ingem├ítica, aiming to reduce traffic accidents.

Soon your car won't let you drink..

The Solar iPad Case!

An ultra-thin (around 7/8" total thickness) case that protects and recharges your iPad using the power of the sun. Now you can have protection for your precious gadget and keep on using it. The case server multiple functions with embeded thin-film solar panel that can convert sunlight into electricity that recharges the lithium ion battery. The Solar iPad Case battery is capable of delivering an additional 2 hours.

Finally: Netflix Streaming Becomes Available at Marriott Hotels

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Nov 30, 2011

There is a Travel App for That: Netflix

We signed up for Netflix about 4 months ago and it has been a hate love type of relationship. It is great that we can order movies on DVD we have not seen yet. But it is a hassle to get some of the more popular ones and forget about getting a show you like that is also popular as it will be on back order for quite some time.
Then there is the streaming service, that we still continue with even though they had the whole debacle of splitting up the services. We have thought on several occasions since then to cancel one or the other. While it is great to be able to stream movies instantaneously, and we able to do it through our TV, the selection has been quite small. After the first couple of months we were caught up on most of the shows and movies we would want to see and did not have many choices for awhile.

Notwithstanding, this post is actually about the great benefit for travel that Netflix services can be. On our trip up north for the Turkey Weekend, we had the iPhone and iPad along. And for the first time I tried using the Netflix app away from the house and on the location's wi-fi. It was great. The streaming worked very well and I was able to watch a couple shows. The next day while I was getting my car updated and new wipers installed, my wife watched a movie on her phone while also helping to host a yard sale. She was also very excited to find out that we are able to access and stream movies and show just about anytime and anywhere as long as there is secure wi-fi connection, and also one that has a good reach and not too many other devices using it.

Why good to have on a trip: 
- easy access with app
- movies and shows available anytime
- pre-select queue of stuff to watch on a trip

Available on iTunes and Android Market

Did You Know?: 
- To use this app to stream, you would need Wi-Fi. And that is where another great travel app comes in: There is a Travel App for That: Free Wi-Fi Finder

What do you use to stream movies and shows? Leave a Comment

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