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Dec 8, 2011

Best Bottle Openers, great for travel too

Best bottle openers ever
- collection by

1. Bottle Opener Tie – TBD
2. Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks – $50
3. Nail Bottle Opener – $22
5. Bike Fork Bottle Opener – $30
6. Alessi Pop Up Bottle Opener – $48
7. Recycled Bicycle Chain Bottle Opener Key Chain – $8
8. Odd Job Hat – $46
9. Brewsees – $40
10. i-Ecko Bottle Opener & USB Flash Drive – $20.40
11. Bull Bottle Opener – $20

I especially like the number 4 and 12. How cool would it be at a business casual party as it becomes more casual with some bottles of beer brought in. And they are not screw top, but the good kind. Then, to open one, you take out the bottle opener James Bond style from the collar of your shirt! Awesome party trick.
And then there is the Pen Bottle Opener. Can open a bottle of bubbly and take down the number, email, or name all in just a couple of moves. Stocking stuffer?

 Why good to have on a trip:
- Multi-functioning tool
- Some of these can be used to open a bottle, as a screwdriver, or as a pen
- saves space and always ready to get one open

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