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Dec 7, 2011

Light up your travels

Travel flashlights:

Crank LED mini-flashlight - this flashlight fits in the palm of your hand. It does not need batteries, as it works on hand cranking for one minute which generates about 20 minutes of light.

LED flashlight with multi-tool. Includes 8 common stainless-steel tools. Additionally, it has a power-saving green light vision mode to save energy and make it last. Multifunctional and green.

Waterproof Solar flashlight - bright, long lasting and energy efficient solar flashlight. It's lightweight design makes it great for traveling. It is the perfect gift for the traveler and environmentalist on your list.

Mini camp lantern - hang it anywhere or stand it anywhere. These new twist on an old classic light has a sleek and compact design. This lantern contains a super bright krypton bulb and a cylinder reflector system, allowing for 360° of light output.

GorillaTorch - bright 65-lumen flashlight on flexible, articulated legs. It can be mounted most anywhere.

Pico key chain light - this little light runs for 15 hours and packs 10 lumens of light into a 30-foot beam.

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