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Dec 22, 2011

Last Last-minute Travel Gift Ideas

Last-minute gifts are those that require little mulling over or research and can be grabbed and done with quickly. Here are some that fit perfectly:

Joby Gorillapod - bendy tripod that once connected to your camera’s tripod mount can be twisted around and secured to virtually any surface. We have used one on our trip to Cali (California Tripping) for some self-shots.

JBuds Noise-Reducing Ear Buds - for only 10 bucks, these are great in-ear headphones to take along on travel or anywhere you go.

Tweakers Portable Mini Lighted Speaker - palm-sized speakers deliver amazing sound from your laptop or MP3 player.

Pico key chain light - this little light runs for 15 hours and packs 10 lumens of light into a 30-foot beam.

Luggage Scale - every traveler flying anywhere would need one of these gadgets. They are great at weighing all of your suitcases to avoid fees and unnecessary hassle at the airport. I got a digital one of these as an early holiday present to replace an analog one, already weighted a bunch of things around the house, its that easy to use.

ZOMM Wireless Leash for Mobile Phones - A wireless leash, a speakerphone, and a personal safety device combined into one sleek device -connects to all Bluetooth enabled phones. Never misplace your phone again, ZOMM alerts you anytime your phone is more than 30 feet away.

Though the simplest last minute gifts that you cannot go wrong with in the last our are Gift Cards. They make great stocking stuffers and gifts that need to be there tomorrow. A lot of them can be sent by e-mail or overnight, printed out at home, and even posted on Facebook: Gift Card - Don't know what to get your traveling buddy on the list or just ran out of time, this card makes a great holiday gift as they would be able to purchase just about anything they want with it at This gift card can even be used to get Android Apps.

iTunes gift card - music, movies, shows, and much more can be downloaded through iTunes. All sorts of entertainment for a larger variety of tastes.

Magellan's Gift Certificates - a great source of unique and useful travel products.

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