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Jan 16, 2012

Cruising the Parkas!

Article first published as Cruising the Parkas! on Technorati:
As I eluded a couple of posts ago, we went on a week-long cruise to the Bahamas. While we sailed from the chilly East Coast, we were looking forward to some warm rays of sun on the Islands of the Bahamas. Well, we got about a day of warm sun. The rest of the time the temperatures were at around mid 50s.
The scene kind of looked like this when we got off the boat on the 2nd day in port in Nassau:

a bit of photo editing here as was 
not able to get the picture of actual cruisers ;)

Though we did get to enjoy a beautiful day in Port Canaveral, Florida and half a day in Nassau. My wife had her camera along of course and you can view some of the pictures in the Bahamas Cruise album.

photos by Svetik Photography

A new travel companion for this trip was the camera bag Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag. This bag fit the DSLR perfectly in it. Even with the new larger lens that wife just got. (For photo enthusiasts, the lense is Sigma 18-250mm). Moreover, it also fits cables, water bottle, snacks, keys, wallet, and a light shirt. It is versatile enough to use as a day bag when it’s not packed with camera and other travel gear. It looks like a regular over the shoulder bag. Which is great as it does not announce to all that there is a camera in there. Without opening it up and looking inside you would not even know its a camera bag. We also put in it while on the trip a collection of travel gadgets such as the point-and-shoot camera, watch, chargers, batteries, and flash memory cards. The camera compartment is a padded bucket that is removable and also comes with a small pocket for memory cards. The outside of the bag has pockets and dividers that will keep your cell phone, pens, sunglasses, and other useful travel accessories organized and easily accessible. And just in case you over stuff the bag with all this, there is a zipped up expansion to make the bag larger to accommodate.

The smartphone has become almost an obvious travel gadget. A lot of the folks had one with them, even though we did not have service most of the trip. They were sharing photos, making notes and contacts, and playing games. Both kids and adults.

While it is not exactly a tech gadget, though some of these are packed with quite a bit of latest manufacturing technology, I realized the sunglasses are definitely a must-have travel gadget. Especially, if you are traveling anywhere down south. On the first day on board of our cruise-liner we went to check out the ship and the deck before unpacking. It was a nice day outside and quite sunny. Since my sunglasses were packed away, I had to squint to enjoy the views. Avoid strange photos and crow's feet, and protect your eyes, bring and wear sunglasses.

The usual suspects that we had on the trip:
- Canon PowerShot SX120IS
- Canon DSLR
- Joby Gorillapod
- Eneloop rechargeable batteries and charger
- newest must-bring gadget - iPhone

Did You Know?: 
Average (regular) temperature in Nassau, Bahamas in January is around 75 degrees.

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