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Jun 19, 2012

This will keep you clean and green

 This post is, uncharacteristically, not about travel and travel gadgets but it is about a do-it-yourself project. As it was very helpful to me, I thought I would share what I have learned last week.

About a week ago our bath tub clogged up. I heard quite a few stories and side effects of using Drano and other such commercial products in these situations. So I looked online for alternative methods of cleaning out the clog. I found several sources. As I usually look for more than one wise source of information, I went through several of Do-It-Yourself sites and blogs to find the most useful, detailed, as well as easy to do, processes. I found an article that described one just like that. It gave a step-by-step directions on how you can make that clog go away. The concoction consisted out of household items that I already had at home. Most folks would also have these things lying around. The de-clogging mixture includes baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. Baking soda and vinegar are safe to use and are much friendlier to the coating of the bathroom and the pipes, as well as the environment. These are also safe to keep around the house with kids and pets.

At first, I was skeptical if it would work as separately, I could not see these materials being able to declogg the drain. And at first it didn't work too well. However, following the directions and keeping my hopes up I tried the second time. This time I fully covered the whole with a stopper once baking soda and vinegar were inside, so that it mixture does not spill back out. It worked like a magic. It fizzled and bubbled and cleared up the clog. There was not much of a residue left and it was easy to rinse it off with water.

Drain De-Clogger Recipe:
1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup vinegar
1 gallon boiling water

Carefully siphon all the baking soda down the drain. Pour in 1/2 of the vinegar, covering the hole so the fizz is forced down, not up (omit this for toilets, please!). Add the second half of the vinegar, following the same procedure. Allow to sit for 15 minutes or so, and then flush with an entire gallon of boiling water.

Natural Homemade ‘drain-o’

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