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Jun 6, 2012

Travel-friendly Music Gadgets

Ahh the sound of silence! These days it is quite hard to find. With things making noise on the road, in the air, and on the water, time to yourself with a great beat is a tremendous luxury.
Active noise cancellation technology, as the name suggests, is a technology specially developed to eliminate surrounding noise. This includes things like the traffic, the construction, loud air conditioning and pipes, and if you are on a plane or other confined space, babies.
Noise-cancelling headphones utilize this technology with built-in tiny microphones to hit the incoming sound with another sound. The two sound waves cancel each other out, therefore creating silence. What this means is that where you previously had to turn up the volume on your music player to drown out the noise, which is bad for your ears, now the headset will tune down the outside noise so you hear more of the beats you want.
A great pair of noise-cancelling headphones is even more important these days as more and more people are using their smartphones as music players with some boasting to have 2k to 5k songs downloaded. Of course, the fact that these phones now have a much greater storage capacity also helps.

Some great choices:

Wireless/Bluetooth Portable Speakers
 While sometimes on a trip you would like to immerse in your music and your thinking, there times when you also might want to share the great media that is music. In these cases portable speakers come in very handy. Since you are on the road, a boombox would not be readily available. Instead, travel-friendly speakers, such as Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, are able to make the sound escape your small media gadget to be enjoyed by you and others around. These light and convenient speakers play clear loud music with no wires necessary. They connect to your device via Bluetooth technology and/or wi-fi (Sony Portable Wi-Fi Speaker with AirPlay).

 Why good to have on a trip:
- makes trips more fun
- portable, easy to pack and take along
- tune in and tune out
- music makes a lot of things better

Waterproof Gadgets for Playing Music by Fodors

"Go travel. Take a travel-friendly music gadget."

 Did You Know?:
Self-aware headphones switch channels depending on which ear they're in

 What's your favorite music gadget or way to enjoy music? Let us know

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