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Jun 7, 2012

Home is ... where travel gadgets come in handy too

I just picked up this gadget. And this time around we are using at our home. It is very convenient as it only takes up one plug (bottom one) and it gives you ability to directly plug in USB cable into the wall without any adapters. So it turns one socket into 5 useful ones. You can have your laptop plugged in, connect any other chargers, and be able to charge your phone or media player at the same time from the same outlet.
My wife really likes this gadget. She has been dreaming of an outlet with USB plugs built in since we started looking to get a new place. While we were not able to have the built in directly in the wall, this is the next best thing. It fits flat against the wall as its depth is only about 1 inch (not counting the plug). This charging station is small enough to take out of the wall at home and pop it into your travel bag.

 Why good to have on a trip And/Or at home:
- Easily charge devices with USB based chargers
- expands one socket into 5
- compact
- easy to install and operate

Want one for your house or your next trip? Check it out on Charging Station with USB Charging Ports

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