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Jul 11, 2012

Travel Gadgets in the Wild

Gadgets for travel in the wild:

When traveling, the less stuff to pack the better. So any gadget that can perform double duty well, think Swiss Army knife, is a go to for traveling outdoors. That is why when I came across Sony’s DEV-3 Digital Recording Binoculars I did a double take (pun maybe intended). It is binoculars that have a great 10x zoom and are also able to take full HD 3D video or still pictures. The price is also very nice, $1400, which is most likely due to the 3D capability. It is an interesting new gadget and would be great to see it in more versions.

We do not go anywhere without our smartphone. Even on vacations. We take them along at least for the beginning and end of the trip to check in with friends, relative, airports, and others. When traveling outside of US, though, need to be mindful of using the phone in anyway. The charges for any type of use abroad add up really quickly and exponentially. Hear are some great tips on Traveling overseas with your smartphone.

When traveling it is important to keep yourself and your travel companions healthy. It is even more so than when at home. You are traveling to see places have fun and relax and enjoy. Last thing you would want is to succumb to anything en route. Number one tip is to stay hydrated. While strolling around and doing excursions you might forget about hydrogen dioxide. And in some places it is hard to find water or at least water that is drinkable. It is a great idea to have a Reusable Water Bottle with you or a SteriPEN that would turn just about any water into something you can drink. For more tips see Healthy Travel Tips for the Entire Family

Not all of the travel will be by car, though a large portion of it within our borders. When on the road these days, you are packing quite a few tech gadgets. I know, that is how this blog came about. All these gadgets need power even in the middle of the trail. This is a great opportunity to make use of your car's (cigarette) lighter. Griffin Powerjolt USB plug is great for just this purpose. We bought one earlier in the year and have been using it on just about every trip, short or long. It stays in the car the entire time in our second outlet and it fits snugly into it as though it is built-in. Quite a few of the gadgets come with USB chargers and/or adapters and this little gadget makes it easy to charge them. How to make good use of your car's unused plug

If you do happen to find yourself in the wild, either on your own or as a couple, you most likely would want to capture the moment. While you can try the extension contortionist move of self-pic and the tilted zoomed-in photos. Or you can take along a small little gadget the Gorillapod. It can be placed just about anywhere with its flexible legs that wrap around objects. Set one up, set the timer, and you have great memories to take back home and make people wonder who is the third person.
Look Ma No Hands - Photos with Gorillapod

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