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Oct 17, 2012

10 Best Travel Gadgets for iPad

ipad case keyboard

Bluetooth iPad keyboard/case
Tablets are all the rage. They are small, easy to use, come with full web surfing ability, and are convenient. That is convenient to a point. They are great to swipe through a bunch of web pages or apps,  however typing on them is not as easy. While I got used to typing on my iPad and do not really mind it, quite a few folks miss the feel and touch of their keyboards. So to keep the tablet convenient and at the same time improve use, there are now cases that have the keyboard built in. You have best of both worlds. Protection for your tablet and a full size keyboard.

rollup keyboard water resistent
Roll-up Keyboard
For those with tablets that might already have a case or who do not need a keyboard at all times and would rather have a slimmer gadget to take a long, there is the roll-up Bluetooth connected keyboard. It is made of flexible silicone material that rolls ups and can be easily stored in your travel bag. And because it is made of silicone it can be cleaned with soap and water so you have it clean and ready for next trip. It can be quickly recharged via a USB connection.

Power up Backpack
To work, iPad needs power, that is what I call a "duh factor"
solar power backpack

Travel bags come with many features, though being able to not just store your tablet but also charge it is one of the best. Backpacks, such as the Powerbag Back Pack, have a battery installed that can provide juice not only to the iPad, but also to your smartphone, e-reader, music player and any other device that can be connected via USB. The battery is easily charged with included AC adapter. And it can be connected while inside the bag, no need to take it out, though you do have that option.
AC adapter

Since a electric socket is not always available when traveling, there are bags with newest technological advancement, solar power. The solar powered backpack captures the sun’s rays as you are walking storing the energy within the battery. It is ready to provide some juice to your gadgets while out and about. It does not need to be clear sky and sunshine, though preferred, for the battery to charge. The panel absorbs UV rays even on a cloudy day. And these backpacks also provide great storage and transportation for your travel gadgets :)

Hand-cranked generator
Another great source of power when traveling is you. With hand-cranked generators you can manually build up enough juice to give your gadget much needed staying power.

in ear headphones

A good set of earphones
iPad is one of the few Apple gadgets that does not come with its own earphones. Watching movies while traveling, catching up on the shows or presentations, listening to music and music videos, and playing games are some of the great reasons this gadget is an essential accessory for the tablet. One of the better pair of earphones, and the one I have included in previous posts, are the Klipsch Image S4. These headphones have noise-canceling technology yet relatively small with great sound.

And if you would like to hear all of the above out loud, wireless speakers are a great addition. Jawbone JAMBOX seamlessly streams music via Bluetooth connection and it lasts up to 10 hours of power from internal rechargeable battery.

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card
Featuring built-in WiFi, Eye-Fi X2 memory cards simplify photo and video upload, sharing, organisation and back-up. Simply slip the memory card into your camera,

ipad stand

iPad stand
Tablets are great for watching movies and catching up on your shows. That is what we use our for when we try to keep to our goal for this year of having dinner at the dinner table. We use the Arkon portable stand that is quite sturdy keeping the iPad in place and also padded resting it comfortably. The stand also folds small for easy storage.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

iPads usually come with this gadget. Theses adapters make it easy to upload pictures and videos onto the iPad. You can transfer the files directly from the SD card or using the USB cable.

iPad Case
From simple Smart Cover, to those with crazy designs and built-in stands and other cool functionalities, there are many choices to keep your iPad clean, safe, and stylish.

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