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Oct 10, 2012

Cool and New Travel Gadgets

Self-Charging Battery Generates and Stores Energy
In a new technology breakthrough, researchers at Georgia Tech have developed the first self-charging power cell that is both a mechanical energy harvester and a battery at the same time. - TreeHugger
This new technology can charge up your phone or tablet on the go with the battery stored in your shoes. The kinetic energy helps regenerate the battery so it would be ready to go at the moment you need it.

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Projector the fits your iPhone
- handheld LED projector fits snugly with the iPhone by acting as a docking port. It projects images, videos, and docs from your smartphone on a wall or a screen up to 50 inches wide. So you can go from a movie in your pocket while traveling to the big-screen theatre when you arrive.
iPico projector from General Imaging

Cars are talking

- No it is not the Disney movie. Siri, the personal assistant that is now part of most iDevices is coming to a vehicle near you. It will integrate with the internal computer and be easily accessible with a button on the steering wheel similar to volume and cruise controls. With this technology, you would be able to hear your texts, send out texts by dictating, get directions, and find points of interest, all without looking down at the dashboard.

And that's not all...

Cool New Travel Gadgets To Hit The Road This Summer

Cars are also Driving Themselves 

- Google among a few other innovators, has tested a vehicle that not only parks itself, but it can also fully take over for the driver. Based on the latest tests, these vehicles can hold their own on the streets and the highway. While mass-produced cars with self-guiding technology are a bit off, these concepts received significant validation when they were approved by the state of California this month. Senate Bill No. 1298
Self-driving cars could reduce traffic congestion as the movement of cars would be more streamlined. And make roads safer and give improved road access to people such as the elderly or disabled. Would You Feel Safe in a Driverless Car?

Collapsible car

Google Glasses

- Virtual reality is now front and center on your face. Google's Project Glass brings with it an innovation to eyewear. Augmented reality is built into the glasses where you access the web and apps similar to how you would pull these up on your smartphone.

Polaroid's new GL20 Camera Sunglasses. This essential travel gadget (LINK TO POST) is a multi-functioning device. It can be worn as sunglasses. It can also instantly capture or upload photos with the built-in camera. And these sunglasses have a built-in LCD screen where you can display the images you took to your friends and others.

Charging Pads
They were slightly ahead of their time when they first came on the market a couple years ago. Though even at that time you could see the great potential in these travel-friendly gadgets. The charging pads or pods let you charge multiple devices without having to plug them in. Just place your electronics on the pad and the induction technology will power it up. The new and improved versions of the chargers are now available. They produce more juice, easier to use, and more convenient. Check out some of the top-rated charging pads on Amazon.

Mi Suny is a portable charger that uses the sun to keep your iPhone juiced so you never have to go for long without a functioning phone.

myCharge® Peak 6000 - What's in the name? It is a rechargeable 6000mAh battery pack. This little charger has enough juice to able to charge a smartphone 4 times, and even charge an iPad and other tablets. You can charge up to three devices at once. Available on

The old stand by reinvented
- Pen. These have become so common that they are becoming obsolete. With cheaper technologies, kids are learning to type rather than write. Fortunately, improvements in technology also mean that pens can be reinvented. The pens of today have transformed into a stylus that gives you more precise movements on touchscreen devices. And also allow you to write in script and scribble. Griffin Stylus not only lets you control your devices but also functions as a pen and a laser pointer. Great gadget to have on a business trip and/or recreational travel.

Earthmate by Delorme
- handheld GPS and a text-messaging gadget. Simply this device works where cell phones don't. It has all the functionality to navigate your way through the wilderness and it also lets you text while en route and not have to drag around your smartphone. Especially, since reception can be weak or non-existent in more picturesque destinations.

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