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Apr 24, 2013

No Worries, It's All Inclusive Here

All-inclusive vacation is the best way to travel

Last week we made our annual getaway to were it is nice and warm. We landed in La Romana, Dominican Republic. While there, our day consisted of:

Snorkeling around:
snorkel snorkel

And Swimming with the locals:
fish fish

Hanging out on the beach with pirates and more locals:
beach front beach lighthouse
pirate ship peacock

Enjoying included unlimited drinks:
pinapple and rum mojito
And some great food:
cook dinner
carved fruit carved fruit

All of these pictures were taken with our Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera. It swam with us during the afternoon and hung around during the evening for great shots out and about.
While on the plane, we watched included movies and I also read "One Year Lived" on our Kindle for the second half of the 4 hour flight. (I am giving away the book here)
IPhone was also a more prominent travel gadget during this vacation. Since I forgot a watch at home, we used it and the camera to tell time. It also came in handy when ordering some drinks to show the ingredients to the bartenders.

On the way back, we scored some exit row seats. While Jet Blue's planes generally have more legroom, we were flying home in style:
leg room

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