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Jun 12, 2013

Travel Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Baby Boomers

Tech-Savvy Travel:

Today’s older adults are trying to keep up with younger folk in terms of technology. Though Baby Boomers travel more and more frequently than other age groups. They are tech-savvy as they are on social media, tablets, and new smartphones. Around 30 percent of baby boomers own a smartphone, and 20 percent shop online using a tablet. However, they are not as much at the forefront of technological advancement as the younger generation.

The biggest interest in technology for traveling Boomers is how to use it to research travel destinations, find the best values and how to use it while on the road to post photos and stay in touch with friends and family.

IPad is one of the better travel devices. It is light and easy to use with its intuitive user interface. You can surf the web, read books, listen to music, watch movies, take and store photos.

The following are the top reasons for baby boomer traveler to purchase an iPad:
1. Portability – Smaller and lighter than a computer, it can easily be carried in a briefcase or pocketbook.
2. Larger Screen – Much easier to read.
3. Ease of Use – One touch away from your favorite news services, stock reports, restaurant reviews, movie schedule, etc.
4. Long battery life – Significantly longer than a computer
5. Mobile Internet Access – Ability to browse the Internet from the car, train, beach, etc.
6. Immediate Start-up – Slide the button on top to turn it on for instant access.
7. Maintenance Free – Made by Apple! Little or no technical issues

Top iPad Photography Apps for Travel Bloggers

Want to make friends fast during travels? Pack a mini outlet adapter, such as the Belkin Mini Travel Charger, to share outlet space with other travelers needing to charge computers, IPads, cell phones, etc.

Baby boomers must be especially careful when it comes to technology safety, as they can be seen as targets by scammers. Many are uninformed about basic security and privacy techniques to keep their identities safe online and via tech gadgets. Identity theft protection services, LegalShield,
can help safeguard identity and information. It will not prevent theft, but help you avoided by keeping tabs on all activity on your credit accounts and notifying you if there are any changes. The service also helps you if something does happen to get you straightened out.
Protect Your Credit And Debit Accounts When You Travel

Digital Camera
Every good traveling baby boomer needs a good digital camera. A point and shoot with great optical zoom, more info about it here Buying a Digital Camera for Travel, and one that is lightweight with decent megapixel would serve great during most ventures.
Digital cameras with great optical zoom

GPS - 
These genuine travel gadgets come these days with technologically advanced bells and whistles. Voice commands have improved to announce relatively clearly street names as well as intersections. They also show correct lanes and exit ramps. They come with adjustable backgrounds, text, and now included maps. These multitude of new and old features enhances the driving experience.

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

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Clark Norton said...

As someone who blogs about baby boomer travel, I welcome your contributions, Dmitry. Keeping up with all the gadgets is almost a fulltime job...Clark

Unknown said...

Good job pointing out what boomers should consider when travelling. The voltage converters and plug adapters are essential for almost everywhere outside North America. Mike from Visit How Baby Boomers Travel and Visit Boomer Technology

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