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Jun 6, 2013

10 Things To Know in Travel and Gadgets

Travel and Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active offers a more rugged version that is also Waterproof!
Making the phone even better for travel

Pebble Smartphone Review

New Bose® noise cancelling headphones, Quiet Comfort 20, are comfy and let you hear ambient sounds

Lumsing USB External Battery Pack Charger
- Good for most smartphones and tablets
- 11000 mAh with Reliable Li-ion battery cells - enough to completely recharge most smartphones around three times without it being recharged itself.

G-Project G-Zip Wired Portable Speakers

iGO Lightning Car Charger 2.4A

Incipio Wallet Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Strong reasons to keep your software up-to-date: IT professionals demonstrate how hackers can access webcams

Travel Tip: The Best Airport Rest Areas from around the World

Sun Safety for Kids: Tips from Safe Sunblock to SPF Clothing

Did You Know?:

In Year 2014 it is predicted:
- Volvo's first self-driving cars are scheduled for production
- NASA is set to test their new engine that is supposed to shorten a Mars mission to days
- All new cars in America will be required to have a backup camera
- Google Glass will be available to public

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