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Jul 11, 2013

Travel Video of the Week - 10 Summer Travel Tech Tips

Summer Travel Tech Tips:

While the summer is in full swing at this point, especially here in New York with high temps and even higher humidity, I came across this video recently and thought it has some great tips. They are listed below as well:

1. Ear buds cord wrap - these fun and simple looking gadgets keep earphones wires from tangling up while in your pocket or your bag. I have this guy -->
and it is awesome. Its easy to wrap the cord around it, its flat so easily fits in pocket, and is also lightweight.

2. Storing your other wires - use eyeglasses case that has a hard shell that would protect your cords as well as keep them all in one neat place.

3.  Body lotion and touchscreen devices - these two do not go together too well. If you touch your phone after applying lotion, it is likely to leave grease streaks. Solution to this problem would be to use a hand moisturizer instead which dries quicker that lotion so less likely to leave marks

4. Keeping devices clean - use Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes. Who knew? These wipes are good for multitude of things while on the go including wiping down your gadgets. They can be used instead of or in addition to microfiber cloth. Make sure the device is completely off, as in the power is turned off, when using these wipes. There are others that are more expensive specifically for cleaning devices, though these are anti-bacterial which is great idea for a touchscreens.

5. Keep them separated - when going to the beach or otherwise traveling, keep your gadget separate from beach towels and other dirty or damp accessories using Bikini Bag. These are designed to be used for damp swimwear so it does not get mixed with dry clothing. Reversing that makes it great for keeping gadgets dry and safe.

6. Dust plugs for phones - keeps dust and sand and other small particles from getting inside your gadgets' openings.

7. Get a defender type case for your phone, that has a plastic inside and silicon outside to keep the phone protected from particles as well as drops.
I and my wife both have iPhones and both have been using Incipio Case for iPhone 4/4S. They have hard shell inside and rubber outside for easy grip. They protect the phone very well and last for a long time.

8. Anti-Glare Protection for your tablet - helps when reading outside in the sunlight. And it also keeps the screen clean and protected

9. Back up battery - gives you an extra charge while you are out

10. Use password and activate "Find My Phone" type of security services

Top Ways to Keep Gadgets Safe While Traveling

Sound-off: Let us know any tips you have for summer travel

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