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Jan 21, 2014

Trip to Oheka Castle (Babymoon)

Babymoon at the Oheka Castle

We are down to the wire. In just a few weeks our lives and size of our family will change. Due to planning and preparations, we needed a no fuss getaway for just two. And then a Groupon came up for Oheka Castle. A place we looked at but was way to expensive for our wedding venue. This was a great opportunity to check it out and spend a weekend away.
Getting to the castle when you first arrive into the area there is a gate keeper within large gates. After the check in, the gates slowly open up into the a long and tree lined driveway. Then you drive down into what looks like pretty much a castle entrance with tower and narrow arch way.

Oheka Castle entrance
Cold Spring harborCold Spring harbor
Before getting to Oheka Castle we stopped for lunch at Ting restaurant. If you are in the area I highly recommend this Asian fusion restaurant. The Pad Thai and General Taos shrimp were delicious and so was the miso soup. We also did a quick tour of the Cold Spring Harbor with view over the water and small eccentric shops.
At the castle we had dinner at their restaurant. The food was great. The service needs quite a bit of improvement. Since this was our babymoon, we asked for a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling something. It took quite some time and deliberation to find one and then decide on what to charge for it. That was the entertainment portion of the evening :)

Our room at the castle was grand:

The Castle:
Oheka Castle Oheka Castle Oheka Castle

"If pizza is round, and slices are triangle, why are the boxes square?"

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

Pictures taken with Canon Rebel XSi

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