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Feb 18, 2014

Review - (my new) Touchscreen Gloves Touchscreen Gloves

I first wrote about these gloves in the post Best Winter Gadgets to Keep Warm and Entertain. As soon as I discovered and checked them out, I ended up buying the Touchscreen Gloves. I rarely make a quick, 'on a whim', purchase decisions. But for this one I was glad I did as soon as I received them.
When I put them on, they felt very plush soft inside. They are quite light and do not feel like regular warm gloves that are on heavier side. And these gloves are warm. I usually have to look for gloves that keep my hands warm for quite some time, and these held up through the very cold weather we have been having. I even ended up cleaning my car from snow in them one of the times and, while they got quite wet, my hands stayed warm.

The gloves are also very flexible. Since they feel light, it is very easy to move your fingers naturally in them. My leather gloves with lining are tough to bend as most gloves that are thicker and warm.
In addition to all of that, gloves are also touchscreen friendly. Which means you do not need to take them off to use your smartphone. They have a fabric built-in that allows you to use your entire hand with your phone. Though as I found out, if you have a plastic screen protector on your phone, the gloves work, but not as well, it takes some more effort to swipe.
Other touchscreen gloves have different colored tips or other things on fingers to make them compatible. These gloves are solid black color (or other color you prefer). There's also no writing to show that these gloves are for smartphones, and no metal pads, cut-off fingers, or visible threading. Just a pair of great fabric gloves. Touchscreen Gloves

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