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Mar 9, 2014

It's Official - We have a new addition

It's Official - We have a new addition

Our little girl has arrived last month into the world. She, as her parents, is an Aquarius.

She is our bundle of joy and I cannot wait  to start traveling with her. I and my wife are already building out a list in out heads of fun destinations where we would like to go and show to her. The experience I am sure would be quite different, to see the places through child's wonder.
Though come to think of it, she did start on her world tripping already. While in her mom's belly, she went to upstate New York, Bermuda, and Delaware. So she is already a traveler, even before her passport arrives.

My wish is for her to see more of the world than both of her parents combined. I believe that there is no better education than experiencing different lands and cultures.

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