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Mar 20, 2014

Best Travel Gadgets for Spring 2014

Best Travel Gadgets for Spring 2014

Believe it of not, Spring is coming. With the weather that has been around this winter in the Northeast, most folks can't wait for warmer temperatures. Though winter keeps holding on, with below freezing temperatures still around in March.

Get yourself ready and look forward to Spring travel with these cool travel gadgets:

Water proof digital camera

We used to have the Panasonic Lumix (Travel Essentials of Nearcation, Two Year Wedding Anniversary - we were traveling and Fun in Dominican Sun). And while it was great for awhile and we took everywhere we traveled including water and land excursions, the viewfinder did not last as long as the rest of the camera. It kept getting water inside and foggy. Recently, we got the Olympus Stylus TG-830 iHS Digital Camera. It is as functional and durable as previous camera. It is light and takes great pictures in different settings. It is yet to stand the test of our travels, though that is coming up soon.
digital camera olympus targus

Rechargeable batteries
I wrote about the benefits of rechargeable batteries as well as about our favorite, Eneloop rechargeable batteries and charger, a few times. See here: Rechargeable batteries charger - saves money saves planet. And I stick to it. It is a great idea to take a long these type of batteries on long or short trip.
rechargeable batteries

TP-LINK Wi-Fi Range Extender and Router
Travel size wireless router can be used in your hotel room to hook up to wired internet and enable WiFi in your room for all of your gadgets. While at a hotel, or home, that already has a WiFi connection, this device can also provide a boost to the signal so your connection is faster and stronger.
I got this one a couple months back and after initial set up it easy and quick to use to give a boost to the signal to rooms further away from the router. In our travels we have on several occasions encountered lodging facilities that advertised free WiFi to only later find out if works within a few feet of the main location. This device would be great in these situations to get the better connection in your room.

Noise-isolating Headphones
Very few, if any, people travel without some type of headphones these days. Especially, the younger generation. Check out Travel Gadgets at the Sochi Olympics 2014 for some examples. So a great pair of noise-canceling headphone can go a long way on a Spring getaway.
As of late, I have noticed on my commute a lot more ladies wearing over the ears type of headphones. I know there were plenty who wore these prior, but the frequency has definitively increased. I wonder if it because the headphones are not much lighter than they used to be, much more mainstream and accessible in terms of price and design, and are more functional. I remember when the in-ear ones gained popularity, they were marketed as headphone you do not have to wear on top of your head, though that does not seem as much of a negative anymore.
If you wear these and/or know of any other reasons for the change, please let us know
noise-isolating headphones

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Powerbag Sling Bag with Battery
Traveling light is almost always a best option. It is especially true during Spring break when there are more folks stirring around. A great way to pack light is to get most of the stuff into your carry-on suitcase and have the rest in your personal bag. And these multi-functioning bags are essential on the plane and when touring. You can pack all of your gadgets, snacks, peripherals and other knickknacks into them. And you will have easy access to your goods while en route and keep them safe and secure, and even charged with a Powerbag Backpack type of travel bag.
powerbag backpack

Some Other Great Travel Gadgets as noted by our readers:

Kindle Fire HD 7" with HD Display and Wi-Fi

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids

Belkin SurgePlus 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger & Surge Protector

Sound-off: What are you packing along for your Spring getaway? Let us know below

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