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May 15, 2014

Cool Useful Gadgets for Solo Travelers

Solo Traveler's Useful Gadgets

Convenient - you only have two hands

Digital luggage scale
Not only do you not want to pay extra fees at the airport, you likely also do not want to carry too much weight with you around when traveling. Going lighter would help you in the long run as a solo traveler.
Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

DualView Digital Camera
This is a great idea in digital cameras. Genius, considering all of the selfies. Until this post and research I didnt know these existed. Smartphones have a feature where you can reverse the camera on yourself and now you can do that with the digital camera. Nothing singles you out as a tourist more than a large camera around your neck, which instantly puts something between you and the locals as well as make you a target for bandits. Having a compact camera with great optical zoom would save you and your memories

Phones or phone cards that are pre-paid are convenient and can also save you money. Traveling internationally, communications of any kind over the phone will cost you quite a bit. Keep in touch while b

Dedicated GPS navigation device
With navigation capability that smartphones and tablets have these days, GPS devices have been pushed off to the side. However, GPS such as the inReach Explorer by DeLorme have made a niche for themselves. It allows for travelers, adventurers, boaters and so on to remain in contact no matter where they are. If you have ever experienced looking for cell service at the most unwelcomed time, you know this is good to have.
Explorer is able to deliver messaging, tracking and SOS capabilities, and is capable of letting users view, create or navigate routes. It can help with backtracking with geo-located stopping points, tracks, and messages. It is a rugged, waterproof, satellite communication device.

Emergency Battery Charger
Traveling with gadgets is a given. If you are out and about for awhile,  you might get caught in a bind and run out of battery. Searching for a nearest wall plug might not be best option. Battery charger comes in handy in these situation as this gadget can hold juice for several hours and would be able to recharge your device.

Sunscreen Applicator
This device that looks like a loofah is a great tool for a solo traveler. It helps you put on sunscreen on your back without any assistance. This way you keep your front and back from getting sunburned while traveling in the sun.

Jetlag Alarm Clock
This alarm is particularly handy for travelers, because its display panel shows both the current clock time as well as the alarm time (which makes it easy to set even for the most sleep-deprived of travelers).


pacsafe travel luggage

Rip proof bags
One of the ways unscrupulous folks get to your gadgets and other valuables is by cutting open your backpack or shoulder bags. The bags made with ripstop nylon eliminate this potential risk, so you don't have to worry as much when putting it over your shoulder. It also means the bags are sturdy enough to take the beating of travel.

travel door alarm

Door alarms
Locks are good, but they can be opened. Door alarms help improve the security for your front door, hotel door, or any door you would like to remain shut.
GE Wireless Door Alarm

Bag alarms
These alarms mount onto your bag and sound a high pitch noise when motion is detected. Letting you know that your bag is moving without permission.
Doberman Traveller Defense Alarm can be used as both a bag alarm and door alarm as it can be hooked onto either the door or a handle

Similar to rip proof bags, you want your wallet to be strong, yet thin. Also make sure it is not on valcro. Not only is that 90s style, but opening and closing it would draw unnecessary attention from the loud crackling sound. Also these days you want your wallet to be RFID blocking to stop digital thieves. Credit cards and other id cards have magnetized strips with data embedded into them. This data can be skimmed by intercepting the radio frequency. Certain material can prevent that and keep your info safe.

Waterproof Case/Bag
When going to the beach or pool on your own, you might not be able to leave your valuables on your towel. It is also a great idea even you do have someone else there, to just take your gadgets with you.To keep them undamaged, place the devices into a waterproof bag or casing.

Some useful apps to keep you safe while traveling on your own:

Cheapair - You don’t even need a keyboard to get the itineraries you’re looking for
Routehappy,  prioritizes flights by a combination of length and price, scoring each route based on age and type of plane, in-flight entertainment options, legroom, traveler feedback, Wi-Fi availability, cabin layout, and more
Google Maps - with several updates and new features it is one of the best free navigation apps. You can get turn-by-turn directions for any mode of transit, complete with Street View images for your location as well as what it looks like where you heading
Skype and Viber - free communication apps as long as those you are contacting have the same programs. They work just as well on desktops as on mobile devices, making it easy to connect with anyone, anywhere. Though even if the other person does not have these services, you can make calls with Skype for relatively cheap price internationally
TripIt - Keeps track of your flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more

Every solo traveler should carry an LED flashlight and a whistle. If you’re traveling abroad, always learn the local emergency number in that country. Emergency Numbers Around the World

Know where transportation is and surrounding area, and don't get too plastered. Getting drunk without knowing where you are is not a good combination

Other Fun Stuff:

It is the newest craze and it is likely to stay in some form. There are not that many traveler blogs that don't have at least a few selfies. Its a great way to document your trip while going solo.

Express Your Selfie!
Instagram Travel Selfie Contest

Keep your friends close and your gadgets closer
Top Ways to Keep Gadgets Safe While Traveling

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