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Jun 10, 2014

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - June

Credit: Ondrej Jirek

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

Flying cycle
Instead of keep waiting for a flying car, start off your trip on the ground and then take off for the sky on Flying Cycle via some manual power. Its a great concept that take the look from the hover boats and propelled parachutes.

Bendy Watch 

This new variation of a wrist watch should be coming soon thanks to fully organic OLEDs. Apple iWatch rumored to be on horizon potentially might have this type of screen. While there are smartwatches already on the market, the bendy screen would allow for more clearer resolution and larger viewable area.

Siri to integrate with third-party apps for iWatch

Apple's iPhone 6 with 4.7" and 5.5" size screens

The new iPhone is due to be release this August as per rumored news online. The new phone will like come with larger size screen of 4.7" and there is a possibility of a phablet at 5.5 inches.

URB-E, Take your Transportation with You
There are folding bikes and then there is Urb-e. It is one of the smallest folding bikes. Takes up very little space when traveling. And it can transport you quicker than walking and more stylishly than skateboarding.

Snorkeling Just Got A Major Makeover Thanks To The Tribord Easybreath
This cool new innovation of the snorkel mask lets you breathe easier and more comfortable in the water. Wih regular mask, when you put it on your nose gets pinch so that you do not breathe through it. Which is unnatural for most people. I can breathe either or interchangeably. Easybreath covers your entire face including mouth and in doing so, let's you breathe through your nose normally under water. It also has a tube that closes automatically to prevent water flowing in and the same time allows for the water to be pushed out.
For additional reviews of snorkel masks and other gear, check out


The future is here. Manufacturers have been showing off this continually improving technology in flight recently. While it is not yet at mass production stages, the pack has been tweaked to make it lighter and easier to maneuver. However, currently, you will not get many miles per tank and price. It only lasts a few seconds in the air and costs between $100,000 and $150,000


Tadpole mini Bluetooth Speaker

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