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Sep 23, 2014

What To Do With Your Now Out-dated Phone?

What To Do With Your Now Out-dated Phone?

New phones are coming what seems like every month. If it's not one company, then it is another that releases the latest and shiniest model of their smartphone. They might have new features, more memory, better connection and so on. And you would want to upgrade to this newest gadget especially with a new contract or new deal. But what can you do with your current phone?

You have several options:
1. Trade it in
2. Keep it as a backup
3. Convert it into a music player
4. Give it to your kids
5. Play What-would-happen

The option that will actually get you some cash towards your new phone is the trade-in. Here are some of the ways and places that you can give in your phone for dollars:

Amazon Trade-In Program
Shop Amazon - Trade In Your Smartphone

Apple Recycle program (for iDevices)
Apple will take your old iPhone off your hands in exchange for Apple Store gift card, which you could then use to buy your next iPhone.

BestBuy Trade-in:

Trade-in at your cell services provider



Online resellers:
Gazelle and NextWorth

Maps of best pricing by reseller:

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