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Nov 28, 2014

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - November

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel

Air travel for under-four hours anywhere in the world
A new rocket propulsion technology is in development that would enable hypersonic travel from part of Earth to another in four hours or less. Business travel would be impacted significantly, and vacation travelers would have a lot more options for shorter holiday.

Ford cars will soon start scanning the streets for wayward pedestrians

AeroMobil 3.0 flying car is the most advanced prototype yet
A car that can drive down the road and also take off when needed is getting closer and closer to reality with multiple versions being developed and tested. The visions and technology is getting there, though would the folks on the ground be ready and willing?

700 Satellites to provide free internet access to the entire world
That is the next big mission of Elon Musk, the inventory and entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla companies Satellites to provide free internet access to the entire world

Self-filling Water Bottle
The gadget attaches to the frames of bicycles where a standard water bottle would be. Using air flow and solar energy, this device creates drinkable water from condensation created by air flow as you ride. Then it moves through chambers where it is slowed and cooled to condense moisture, and drips down into the bottle. Creating H2O when you needed.

Solar News: Are Solar Windows and Roadways in Our Future?
Researchers at major universities are working on designing solar powered road that would generate energy and show road signs and notices on the dynamic pavement

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