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Feb 18, 2015

Charge Your Gadget Before You Travel, Or Else

Or Else you might not get it back

Travel Tip: When traveling and flying overseas, make sure all of your electronic gadgets you are carrying are fully charged

You may be asked to turn on any electrical or battery powered devices in front of the airport security and/or demonstrate the item's functionality. TSA now has the authority to demand that passengers flying to the US from overseas airports to power on their device for further checking. Gadgets which fail to turn on will not be allowed on-board the aircraft. So it is highly advised that you bring your charging cables with you.

Many airports around the world have already been implementing the new security procedure

Worst yet, such gadgets will be confiscated and it is unknown, and there is currently not enough information available, if such gadgets will be returned to the owner when the person reaches the destination. Best not to take a chance, charge your gadgets before you leave and while waiting to board the plane.

Travel Tip #2: Put your gadget in airplane mode, if available. It will charge up a lot faster

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