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Nov 18, 2019

Good To Know: Charging Your Phone Safely While Traveling

Good To Know: Charging Your Phone Safely While Traveling

Having your phone with you on your travels is important. More importantly, it is to keep it charged.
You may be asked to turn on your phone in front of the airport security. TSA now has the authority to demand that passengers flying to the US from overseas airports to power on their device for further checking. Gadgets that fail to turn on will not be allowed on-board the aircraft. So it is highly advised that you bring your charging cables with you. Worst yet, such gadgets will be confiscated and it is unknown, and might not be returned to the owner when the person reaches the destination. Best not to take a chance and charge your gadgets before you leave and while waiting to board the plane.

There are a few assumptions and misconceptions around where and how you can charge your phone. Below are some of these resolved.

Myth: My phone is totally safe in a public charging port

Did You Know?
Charging your devices at charging stations could be a security risk

Aug 27, 2018

Smartphone Chargers That Fit In Your Wallet Or Phone Case

Chargers That Fit In Your Wallet Or Phone Case(click to tweet)

Go Travel Slim Power Bank
» 2300mAH slim USB emergency phone charger
» Compatible with most smartphones, mobiles & small USB devices
» Fully charges a smartphone in 1.5 hours (time may vary depending on phone model)
» Power bank charges completely in 3 hours

Jun 18, 2018

My Top Travel Gear - Anker Charger Gets Around

My Top Travel Gear - Anker Charger Gets Around(click to tweet)

We have the Anker Astro CandyBar Portable Charger and it travels with us on long and short trips. Between two iPhones and other gadgets, it is one of the travel essentials that we take along with us on a trip

Jan 18, 2016

Mardi Gras 2016 Travel & Gadgets

Mardi Gras 2016 is on Tuesday, February 9

Mardi Gras Weather
The weather during Mardi Gras can vary from very cold to very warm, almost hot. Sometimes it will change from one extreme to the other during the same day. It’s a good idea to layer your clothes since a chilly morning may turn into a warm afternoon. Since you will be spending long days outside, pack comfortable shoes and clothes that can get somewhat dirty. The streets tend to get dirty with stuff thrown around, spilled, and tossed. Don’t forget to check the forecast for rain. If storms are predicted, then you’ll definitely want to bring a rain jacket and/or umbrella.


With all things going on and colorful floats and costumes, you will need a camera to grab all the moments. Take a lot of shots to keep the memories of the events. Bring along a good fast digital camera to capture it all. And don't forget an extra media card to store the pictures and videos.

It is a good idea to get a map of the city and study the areas you'll be visiting. New Orleans is a "checkerboard city" - safe neighborhoods can be within blocks of unsafe areas. Your hotel concierge or front desk can help you with route times, traffic and parking. A smartphone also can come very handy to find recommendation for better areas, view maps (How To: Use Google Maps Offline When Traveling), and find the reviews for local restaurants and other activities.

Since the events during the Mardi Gras celebration are planned out and per schedule, to see them you would need to get there on time. And it is highly recommended to get there early. That is the only way to get the best viewing spots. 2016 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule
Watches on

Parade routes can look empty, but the crowd can fill in fast within an hour or two of the parade. For the biggest parades rolling in the evenings on the weekend before Mardi Gras, plan to get there about four hours ahead of time to get yourself a great spot.

You Never Know What They’ll Throw.
The screaming crowds line the street waiting for throws from the floats. Some of these can include monogrammed toilet paper, sunglasses shaped like toilets, Spam and hot dogs. Anyone can come home with beads. Though the most sought after souvenirs are the unique throws that are sometimes tossed from the floats with interesting themes. Throws often include toys, stuffed animals, beads and more that would be fun for the kids.
Bring big bags to hold all of the stuff that you will catch. Collapsible bags that are light and compact but open up to large size would be great to pack for this purpose.

Accessories and Necessities
I would advise clothing with close-able inside pockets and/or a hidden money belt. Crowds, crowds, and more crowds. Float parades draw a lot of attention. But they also draw your attention away from your belongings. Making them a prime areas for pickpockets and such.


Toilet Paper 
A port-o-potty in the area is very likely not to have any or if there is it will be wet. Hotels will NOT let you in to use the bathroom, same goes for restaurants. Take note.

Hand Sanitizer
For bathroom breaks and many many other uses during the trip

A Small Flashlight
Port-o-potties don’t have lights either. And it can come in handy in hotel room or on the road

Small bottle of water
Important to stay hydrated, especially if consuming alcohol

Extra batteries/chargers for cell phone, camera, and all other accessories that light up



Did You Know?:
Why does Mardi Gras fall on different dates each year?
The date of Mardi Gras changes every year because it's connected to Easter, which can fall on any Sunday between March 23 and April 25. Mardi Gras is always scheduled to take place 47 days before Easter.

Do I need to buy Mardi Gras beads and merchandise before my visit?
Not unless you are going to be a rider on a float. If you plan to watch the parades during Mardi Gras, you'll catch so much you won't be able to carry it all!

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Jul 6, 2015

7 Cool & Useful Things You Can Do With Airplane Mode

7 Cool & Useful Things You Can Do With Airplane Mode

When airplane mode is enabled, you’ll often see an airplane icon in your device’s notification bar.
Enabling airplane mode disables Wi-Fi on your phone. However, on most devices, you can enable Wi-Fi after enabling airplane mode.

Turn off cellular data usage
By turning on airplane mode, all of the cellular signals will be blocked. But Wi-Fi will be working so you can connect to that in-flight Wi-Fi network. Some devices also allow you to enable Bluetooth when airplane mode is enabled.

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