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Oct 29, 2015

Travel News - Gadget Related

Travel News - Gadget Related

Movies & Shows Are Now Up In The Air:

Netflix on Virgin America
These companies announced a deal where travelers on Virgin America planes will be able to access their Netflix account right in there seat and stream shows and movies via WiFi. Virgin America is putting in new technology on all of its new planes with satellite-based Internet connectivity that is designed to get over the technical hurdles that prevent streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive services while in flight.

Amazon Prime on JetBlue
JetBlue has satellite-powered Wi-Fi, called Fly-Fi, to provide free, basic internet access on its flights. Similar to the deal above, JetBlue and Amazon have announced a partnership that will let passengers enjoy unlimited, on-demand entertainment. Passengers with Amazon Prime memberships will be able to watch movies and TV shows at 35,000 feet, at no additional cost to their membership. While customers can use JetBlue's free Wi-Fi tier, they will still have to pay whatever Amazon rental fees apply.

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