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Feb 29, 2016

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - February

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - February

Soon your new gadgets will come with a new type of Wi-Fi. This new version will be made for not just gadgets, but for the network of connected devices in your home that would be part of Internet of Things. Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced halo) doubles the distance and cuts the power consumption of traditional Wi-Fi. While most modern routers operate in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum, HaLow transmits in the 900MHz band. This band transmits twice as far as the 2.4GHz standard and offers better wall penetration. It is mostly useful and the hope if for it to become the standard for wearable devices where Bluetooth radios are used now.

Future iPhones Could Come With Li-Fi For Superfast Internet

Motorcycle Gadgets
How are you supposed to know when a car is getting uncomfortably close?
That's where Garmin thinks it can help. As part of a larger CES launch, it's unveiling a Varia Vision headset that not only gives you vital cycling data (directions, notifications and performance), but teams up with the Varia rearview radar to warn about traffic behind you. You'll know about trouble right away without losing focus. Read more here

Customize Your Soundscape
Craft your perfect sound environment with the new selective noise cancellation technology by HARMAN. And by selective they mean you are actually able to select, via an app, the sounds that you do want to come through. These would sounds of horns, bike bells, and your name being called. The rest get tuned out.

Volvo wants you to Netflix and drive

Volvo Concept 26

You Can Soon Talk To Your Volvo With The Microsoft Band 2

This is Faraday Future’s ridiculous 1,000-horsepower electric concept car


Google Glass 2.0 Will Not Be Cheap

Lenovo Yoga Mouse and Remote Control
This slim mouse/remote hybrid will make a great travel companion — just like Lenovo’s Yoga laptops. The Yoga starts out completely flat, where you can use it as a remote to control presentations, movies, or music playing on your laptop. But give it a twist and it shifts into a downward dog shape, with the perfect ergonomic angle to rest your hand on for use as a mouse. A rechargeable battery gives it about a month of battery life, which makes it easy to toss into your laptop bag without having to worry about whether you’ve plugged it in (or whether you’re carrying spare batteries). Available: April 2016

Ili Wearable Translator
it automatically translates your message aloud in the language of your choice. (Currently, it works in English, Japanese and Chinese, with plans to expand to French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.) Ili is rather unique in that it doesn’t require an Internet connection, instead having a built-in dictionary of 50,000 words. tech that could make international travel a lot easier.

New Airplane Design with Detachable Cabin
A concept for redesign of an airplane would have an entire passenger cabin detach in mid-flight from a troubled aircraft. The detached passenger compartment would then float harmlessly to the ground under a couple of huge parachutes. Its landing would be cushioned by massive inflatable rubber bumpers.

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