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May 23, 2016

5 Cool New Bike Gadgets To Hit The Road This Summer

5 Cool New Bike Gadgets To Hit The Road This Summer

Bicycle has been a mode of transportation for centuries. It is making a come back in small and large cities as an alternative to gas powered automobiles for shorter commutes. Bicycling is the greener convenient transportation.

Cargo Scooter
Image via indiegogo
Similar to cargo bike but smaller and best for shorter distances. Cargo scooter would be convenient for trips to store or as a transport to not carry you bags. Put suitcase on the front cargo rack, then scoot down to the train or bus station. Transfer suitcase on the bus rack, fold up the scooter, put that next to the suitcase, and you are ready to go. It is compact enough to fold up neatly in small spaces.

A bike with a stroller built in. You can bike around with your little one, go to park, around the neighborhood, or sightseeing. And when you need to go into a store, museum, or similar, you can fold up the bike to convert it into a full size stroller. Convenient and fun transportation for both of you.

Carry your pet on your bike. Similar to the bike stroller for parents and kids, this bike add-on is for transporting you and your pooch safely. Made specificallyfor carrying small-sized pets securely and legally on a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle.

Bike Light/Camera
Bike lights are quite useful to make the biker visible to traffic. This innovation on tried and proved bike gadget not only works as a bike light but has a built in camera to record what is happening around you while on a bike trip. Could be used for great scenic videos or to review what happened if something occurs on the road.
Cycliq Fly6 HD Camera and Rear LED Light

Scuba Biking - Image: Instagram Techieattire

Biking Accessories
CamRah Bike Phone Mount Kit with Mounted Bicycle Light

Bike Light
Bicycle Roswheel Rear Seat Trunk Bag
Bike Mount for smartphone
Mini Bike Pump with Bonus Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

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