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May 19, 2016

Travel News - Gadget Related - May

Travel News - Gadget Related - May

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Google's Project Fi for Travelers: It's Great, If You Can Use It
Google Project Fi is a new US-based cell service that is able to switch automatically between the T-Mobile and Sprint networks as needed, and you could call and text over Wi-fi. Also included are free texts, $0.20/min calls and data at $10 per GB. With no annual contract required.

A sneak peek at Google’s upcoming travel app, Trips

Review: Skross World Adapter MUV USB

Features of gaming gadgets to travel with

Travel Tip: Apps for Packing, Lost Luggage, and Food Allergies

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom

Mother's Day Travel Tech Gift Guide

JetBlue Rewards Passengers Every Time a Baby Cries During Flight

Unlimited web hosting Only $5.95

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