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Jul 18, 2016

Travel Gadget Review - Large Beach Umbrella

Travel Gadget Review - Large Beach Umbrella

sports beach umbrella

This is not a little sun umbrella that you can stroll around with. It is the kind you can set up and sit under in a chair.

However, it is not as heavy or bulky as you would think. It weighs 9 pounds and folds up into a slick, long, line that is easy to swing on the shoulder with built-in strap on the case.

We have been considering getting an umbrella awhile ago and have been doing research. And in researching beach umbrellas, we can across a beach tent for kids. So instead of an umbrella, we purchased the tent for our kiddo. It has been a hit and life and skin saver for the family. Read here how we have used it on trips to Aruba and Dominican Republic as well as on the local beach.
However, the tent is only for the little one, adults got left out in the scorching sun. Hence for our local trips to the beach, we needed a shade of our own.

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Why good to have on a trip:
- Easy to transport
- Unfolds easily just like a regular umbrella
- Comes with all the accessories and gadgets to keep down in the sand and with wind blowing
- Roomy for a family
- Has ventilation windows
- Can be used as a tent or
- Free standing, mushroom type
- Easy to collapse

Con: It does weight 9 pounds, so while it is the same operation as regular umbrella, you have to make sure to support it and works best with 2 people

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Brianna Forbis said...

Hmm looks interesting. I would use this during the summer time for lake trips it seems like my kiddo is always singed after being in the sun for only a few hours. I like how you have the option to unzip the sides.

TravelTechGadgets said...

We actually just came back from trip to the lake this weekend and we have used it there too. it was scorching hot, but cooler inside

Unknown said...

We just got back from the beach, and could have really used this. Our littlest refuses hats. Great write up! I'm going to have to look into this.

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