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Aug 29, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Travel Tips and Essentials

Labor Day Weekend Travel Tips and Essentials

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer.(

The closer we get to the Labor Day weekend the more expensive it is to fly. The best time to fly,

according to ticket selling experts, is Tuesday and Wednesday before the weekend, which is August 30th & 31st this year. If you have not booked your flight yet, better to it quick.
Most expensive days for the getaway are the following Thursday and Friday. Saturday of the holiday weekend actually turns out to be also an economy day to travel. Since most folks have already reached their destination by this day there is less demand, more supply, hence lower prices.

The skies are likely to be less crowded than the roads leading toward the beaches.

By far the best and least expensive (the unit itself is Free!) of all the road trip gadgets is the toll transponder. If you take long road trips, buy one. Please! I have an E-ZPass, which is good for destinations in the Northeast. Though there is a federal mandate to make all transponder systems interoperable within about a year, so whatever transponder you use should be good across the country. It lets you fly by the toll gates without stopping, though you do need to slow down. During the summer, however, there are so many times that we had to fight through lines and crowd of cars all trying to get to the cash only lanes wasting lots of time unnecessarily. If 95% of the drivers had the toll transponder summer driving would be a lot more enjoyable.

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Since there will be a lot of people hitting the road and likely with passengers in the backseat, these gadgets will keep them entertained on the trip

Outdoor MP3 Player
Traveling is time for sharing. So when you are watching a movie while parked for a break or at your destination, connect your video player to these speakers to share the sound

Portable Projector
And so that it is also easy for everyone to see and not just hear the movie, project it from your phone or tablet on a large surface with these:

Read more at Best Gadgets for Watching Movies While Traveling

Barbecues are happening everywhere during the long weekend.

Grilling Gadgets:

Grillbot - robot cleaner for your grill

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