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Jan 5, 2017

New Year's Resolutions: Going Beyond The Same Old

New Year's Resolutions: Going Beyond The Same Old

Exercise and diet are the usual resolutions just about everyone makes. Very few stick to them for more than a couple of months. If you have ever been part of a gym prior to this period and after, you would see how true that is. There is an influx of members in January and then the numbers start to slowly dwindle and more room and machines open up.
I am not going to say I shouldn't be making these type of resolutions. I do need to loose a few pounds and make further tweaks to my diet. However, I try to review and revisit these goals throughout the year, especially when I know I have been slumping, rather than once a year.

Would like to:

Spend more time with friends.
They have taken a backseat when the kid was born. While we still met up from time to time, last year it has become a much less frequent occurrence and I would like to change that.

Site resolutions
» Keep the trend of increased traffic on my site going by continuing to post on regular basis
» Increase engagement on my site

Go on a unique vacation. For the last few vacations, we have done the all-inclusive type of travel. With a toddler, this made a lot of sense and was a great time. But we have done several times, in a row. So for this year, we are looking to do something different. We have a few things in mind. Stay tuned for the post about our trip.

In terms of Gadgets on Tap, smartwatch is still something that is a potential but not anything current. With Pebble closing up shop and its intellectual property being sold to FitBit, and Apple not making great improvements but keeping the price of their watch high, will be looking to see what will be coming up in wearables this year.

Instead of goTenna, we got a great set of walkie-talkies as gifts. We received Uniden 16-Mile 22 Channel Rechargeable Two-Way Radios. Considering they have a range of 16 miles you would think they would of hefty size. But quite the opposite. They are small. One fits in the palm of your hand. And together they weight about 9 ounces!

Take as many, or more, short family trips
We have not taken a long vacation in awhile, but we have done quite a few shorter trips last year:

Strawberry picking in NJ

Day in Manhattan with Central Park Zoo, Plaza, and Central Park picnic

Apple picking at Windy Farms, NJ

Connecticut Garlic & Harvest Festival

Fall Festival, NJ

Staten Island Children's Museum and Blue restaurant

Port Jefferson, NY - Dickens Festival

Holiday Family Road Trip in Northeast

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