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Apr 13, 2017

Travel News - Gadget Related - April

Travel News - Gadget Related - April

Secret Tool For Sneaky Vacation Planning On The Low At Work
The site just launched a brand new under-the-radar page design to help wanderlusting office drones plan out their trips at work without risking the wrath of busybody bosses. KAYAK At Work looks just like an Excel doc—but it's actually a fully-functional trip planning page.

Hold On Tight, Your Flights In The Future Could Get A Lot Bumpier
...scientists are claiming that due to climate change, the amount of turbulence that passengers in the future will increase. .. it should be noted that turbulence is typically seen as more of an annoyance as opposed to be something that could take down a plane.

Newly Invented Graphene-Based Filter Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water
The graphene oxide membrane technology has a great potential to conveniently filter raw, dirty water across the globe. Specifically, this technology will be ideal for third-world countries that cannot afford industrial-scale desalination plants.

15 Common Ways Drones Are Being Used in Everyday Life

How To Protect The Data On Your Laptop When Crossing International Borders

How to keep up with Sports as you Travel Around the World

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