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Jul 31, 2017

We Took A Trip To Bermuda And Came Back To Tell About It - Part 2

Our Cruise To Bermuda - Continued


After the beach went straight to the town of Hamilton. While we ended up having a good time, it was not the best idea. We were tired and hungry from the beach. If you are planning your day in Bermuda 🇧🇲 and traveling to Hamilton, I would suggest not doing what we did. We also got quite a sticker shock in Hamilton even for a New Yorker. Pizza at Portofinos - 10" was $30!!!! Insane. Bring snacks.
While we were strolling around, a street fair unfolded right in front of us. In a matter of minutes, there were food and shopping stands set up. It is called Harbor Night. And we lucked out since it was postponed from previous week due to weather.

Travel Tip: Drying stuff while it wet or not that warm outside. Put things on top of the mini fridge in the room. The top of it usually warm due to operating mechanics.

St. George and Tobacco Bay

We took a ferry from the dock to get over to St. George. A small town on the east most side of Bermuda. It was about a 35-minute scenic ride. From the ferry dock, we walked a short distance to the main square and from there we took a taxi to the bay to get an overview of the town. The gypsie cab is $3 per person. Official Taxi is $4.50 per person. Both are quotes for one way. We walked from the beach back into town on foot. St. George is small and very pretty. We walked through almost all of the town and its shops on the way to the ferry.

Strolling down St. George
Tobacco Bay had the clearest water as soon as you swam away from shore. The shore itself, however, was very small and quite dirty. There were cigarette butts and other things in the sand and seaweed, sticks, and other things swimming in the water right off the beach. Live music was nice there though. There are also rentals for chairs but we didn't stay long enough to rent.

The walk back from the bay was short but very hot. We did get to see quite a bit of the town and as soon as we could we dotted into stores to cool down with air conditioning or fans.
Back on the dock, the line to get back on the boat was very long. And the sun was beating down hard. It was a relatively short wait, but the heat made it brutal. The positive of it was that we had a great day out, enjoyed great improv jazz sounds while waiting, and also saw some great views traveling back to the ship.

On the last day at the port we had an excursion planned:

Went snorkeling at the Devil's Islands.

Snorkeling spot

Fun had by all. We had a great tour of the area on the way to the islands. Very informative and fun commentary by the crew from Fantasea Diving and Watersports.

Clear calm waters.

Mostly sandy bottom. It was a short distance swim to see corals and many varieties of fishes. There were three small beaches around where we anchored for taking a break and taking some scenic photos.

Overall, Bermuda is gorgeous and definitely worth visiting. Next time in Bermuda, we will be checking out the Caves, Shelly Bay and Aquarium.

Bermuda port
Bermuda strolling
On the way back:

Day at sea traveling back to the US

It was actually a cloudy and rainy day for the first half. Out of all days, we were glad it was on this one. We took it easy for the most part. Started on packing up our suitcases for porters. Checked out some last day sales, artwork, and had a sit-down lunch.

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