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Aug 31, 2017

Sunday Funday Travel: Made Light Boat House, Topped Of With Dim Sum

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NY Hall Of Science
We have been to just about every children's museum in tri-state area. Now that the kiddo is a bit older, we decided to check out the Hall Of Science.
There were a lot of activities for her. Right off the bat we checked out some interactive light exhibits. You can manipulate and play with how the light is displayed and distorted. The disappointing part was that quite a few of the displays were not working. And that was a theme through out, unfortunately.

We also got to build a sailing ship and test out how it would do with the wind blowing into its sails, build a house out of sticks, and be a fashion designer for a few hours cutting and shaping a new outfit for a doll. And by we, I mean parents also got in on all the fun.

There were even full size space rockets outside of the hall along with a full scale model of the Friendship 7 lander module

After the Hall of Science we were all hungry and tired. And went to dine on some dim sum at Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao. The food was as good as most reviews described. The scallion pancake was delicious. We liked the shrimp and pork dumplings. The crab ones not so much. While we thought the kiddo would like the chicken dumplings, she instead opted for pork dim sum. You really never know with three year old.

After a nice meal, we thought the little one would be wiped out from the day and take a nap, so we walked over to the Meadows Corona Park. She thought otherwise. She enjoyed the walk to and around the park. Climbing and jumping around the pier and running on the fields. We originally wanted to do a boat ride on the lake, however there was a very long line with some folks waiting over an hour to get on the boat and the rental closing in half hour. So instead we enjoyed some ice cream in the park and headed back. And that is when the kiddo passed out in the carriage and the car, and pretty much stayed sleeping on the way home and at home until the morning. I think the adventure wore her out after all.

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